This Is What I Fight Through Every Day!

I took these pictures with my cell phone camera over the space of 24 hours, going to work, dropping Damien off at school and going home in the afternoon. The pictures are unfortunately not very clear. . . I was trying to show you (dear reader) the queues I can usually see ahead of me. . . and this is perfectly normal. I go through the same route twice every day: I take Damien to school and I go to work, then I go back to fetch him and usually go back to work. And the roads ALWAYS look like this where I am, no matter whether I’m coming or going. Damien’s school is 16km from home (that’s 9.9 miles), my work is 6km from home (3.7 miles). It will take me just ten minutes to get from home to Damien’s school in the morning, but getting back to work- in the opposite direction, so it’s about 22km (13.7 miles)- will take me forty minutes because everyone is going to the same place I am. Literally. Most of the people on the highway in the morning are all headed for the same off ramp and the same intersection I am. Aren’t I the popular one?! But seriously, the business area I work in is very big- several thousand people- and it’s also a residential area. What’s the problem? There’s only one double lane road in, and there’s only one double lane road out. It is stupendously mystifying how our municipality can continue to approve developments in this area but still have not made more options available for getting in and out of the area. So in the morning, you have the business contingent all headed in and the residents headed out; and in the afternoon it’s reversed. You just can’t win!

damn… bloody pictures don’t wanna load… i’ll try again tomorrow! sorry.

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