This Morning Was A Little Better

But only by a VERY little bit. He woke up the same way he does everyday, no “good morning”, no “hello”, just griping because I’m waking him up. His argument? That he sets his own watch alarm and I don’t have to wake him. But he is quite clearly FAST asleep when I get to his room, a fact he disputes daily. I am sorely tempted not to wake him and leave him to sleep until it’s time to go- just to prove a point- and if I knew it wouldn’t end in total friggin disaster (meaning him late for school and me late for work) that’s just what I would do. Then I thought I’d do it anyway, just set all our alarms an hour earlier or something. . . but that just defeats the whole object of the lesson doesn’t it. We actually spoke very little this morning, but that’s become part of the cycle we go through. It goes something like this: he growls for three weeks- I explode- he still growls- we speak very little- I am less upset by it for a while- he continues to growl- I get more and more annoyed- he growls some more- I explode. . . and so on.