yes, i know this isn’t very original- but i think that since today is my sixteenth straight shitty valentines day- i am entitled to hate it. single or no, i haven’t had a nice valentines day since damiens father gave me flowers and chocolate in 1990… so in honour of todays protest, i am wearing, very pointedly i might add, all black. even a black silk rose on my right wrist and mostly black make up.

2 thoughts on “I HATE VALENTINES DAY

  1. Hey, I haven’t had a nice V-day either. But when I said “happy valentines day” earlier – I had not read your post yet. And – I am all in black too – with a bit of pink.

  2. I celebrate being completely single and completely in control of my own life.

    Truth be known, I’m a complete jealous psychopath when i am with someone, so I think i am doing society a favour by being on my own for a while!!!!!

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