Just When I Thought I Could Relax A Little

Damien gets in the car yesterday afternoon after school- and immediately I know something’s up. He’s like all sparkly eyed- and smiling- with a big bag of biltong. Turns out he celebrated Valentines Day in a big way. A girl in his grade- let’s call her Babe2 shall we- gave him the biltong and a lollipop and asked him to be her Valentine. . . Damien says she is now his girlfriend- not just his Valentine for the day. Damien of course is on cloud nine. He says she’s brunette, and he says she’s prettier than Babe (remember her from last week?). Then- yesterday evening- he got a text message from Babe2. She invited him to join her at the movies at a nearby mall. Unfortunately for my amateur little lover boy though. . . house rule number 1274, section 2b, categorically states that there will be no gallivanting on a week night- especially not on a school night! House rule number 10977, dash 12, section 3a, subsection c, states that there will be absolutely no back chatting, whatsoever, under any circumstances. In all honestly that particular guideline is completely ignored by Damien. . . which doesn’t bode well for rule house number 73, dash 8, section ii, which states that there may not be any indulging in or participation of any form in romantic attachments and/or dalliances, until his mother decides he’s old enough of course. . . which is estimated to be at age 40.
So, just when I thought I could calm down a tad, my parental paranoia commences afresh. . . !

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  1. Yeah for Damien. Sorry for you, though 🙂 I totaaly agree with house rule number 1274, section 2b

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