Am I Allowed To Be Jealous?

Maybe jealous is the wrong word. . . you decide. What am I permitted, if someone I know and love has started a blog, and it seems to be doing better than mine did? Granted- this person has been a loyal commenter and reader- not only of mine- but of several others as well, and this person’s favourite reads are now reading and commenting back. . . I get that. Since I am severely limited by the server on which I spend most of my day, I can’t comment on any of my favourite reads even though I visit them everyday! I am stuck with downloading my reads as stored pages and reading them at home- which of course gives me no access to links or anything, and no-one can link to me via my comments on other people’s sites (which is naturally how I found a lot of my favourite reads). This is by no means this other person’s fault. It’s not mine either- its just one of those things. Other person- you have probably worked out who you are. . . especially since you know me as well as you do. . . maybe you’ll even have some advice for me yourself, since that’s exactly the kind of person you are!! This of course makes me feel even guiltier about the green eyed monster that seems to have taken up residence in my head. You see, and here’s the kicker, that little red dude on my left shoulder (or is it the right shoulder); the one with the super hero cloak and trident- is being rather vocal lately; as much as I’m trying to ignore him. He. . . or should I say she. . . is telling me that I kinda, sorta, regard writing as “my area”. And this other person’s “area” to be something else, like singing, or poetry, or even ministry. . . know what I mean? And as good as this other person’s writing is, and as deserving as this person is to have a blog of their own, I almost feel like. . . like. . . like this person is invading my territory. Like this person already has stuff they’re good at, why can’t this be mine? I can already hear my mother telling me to stop being so bloody childish, and spiteful, and selfish. So I want to ask y’all out there in internetland- is this normal? Or is this yet another manifestation of my paranoid, neurotic fantasies. . . heaven forbid they’re no longer limited to Damien!

2 thoughts on “Am I Allowed To Be Jealous?

  1. I feel very proud that you are jealous of me. I only started blogging cause you were an inspiration to me. I have always admired your writing and have felt you were always better at it than me – still do feel that way. I love you for your honesty.And I am not in this for the comments though – simply for the practice. I want to hone my writing skills, and this is a fun way for me to do it. (As you know I am attempting a book.)The comments are just an added bonus.

    And as soon as you get your dongle working, you will be able to comment too!!!!!


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