Yess Indeedee Folks! Pity Party Goin’ On Right Here!

Table for one. . .
My word- I am a miserable bitch today aren’t I?! I am so tired of starting my day by fighting with Damien. He goes to school unhappy and I cry all the way to work. . . which is tricky to do in stop start traffic you know. The last couple of days he’s been battling to fall asleep at night. Since he is a medicated ADDer I wondered if we needed to look at his meds dose, or change the brand or something (which is not something I do easily ‘coz it’s a mission to find what works). This morning he wakes up with a bright green tongue and finger- he was eating jelly powder- hence his inability to sleep! What’s worse- he lied & tried to tell me his new girlfriend gave him a packet of sherbet- he even tried “looking” for the non-existent sherbet packet behind his bed to “prove” it to me. . . and in scratching there he accidentally chucked the empty jelly powder box on the floor in front of me. Bust! Anyhoo, I was willing to let it go because we fight over this shit so often. Then we get to the car- and on the backseat is the small faux gold cigarette lighter that forms part of my dragon collection. He took it out of my collection because he wanted to draw the dragon on it. Aaaargh! We fought all the way to school about how he NEVER leaves my things alone! He cried, I shouted, he shouted, I swore. . . then I dropped him off and cried all the way to work. Again. And today I am frustrated- believe it or not- by the fact that I come from such an immensely talented family! Can you bloody credit it!?! Damien has provincial colours for gymnastics- three years in a row, and he can draw like nobody’s business! Sister B not only writes- she is a singer, songwriter and a poet; and she’s teaching herself to play guitar too. Sister C also writes poetry and she’s a kick-ass scrap booker. Da Bruvva is an exceptional singer and a great photographer too. Mommy darling is artistic, sings, and plays the organ and the guitar. Daddy darling is an exceptional photographer. Brigitte’s boys excel at rugby. One of my cousins had provincial colours in cross country running, rugby and hockey, as well as being an A student and qualifying as a CA! Two of my cousins have their own businesses! How in Christendom do I compete with that!?!?! I’ve been telling myself ALL DAY that it shouldn’t be my goal in life to compete with friends and family. . . but I’ve always been an attention seeker who craves attention and a spotlight! I am so pathetically morbid today. . . go ahead- rail at me- please!

2 thoughts on “Yess Indeedee Folks! Pity Party Goin’ On Right Here!

  1. Damien must go to boarding school a – to find himself;
    b – to fend for himself;
    c – learn respect for others; their space and their property
    d – to realise what he actually has got at home;
    e – to get you out of each others face. Its too much for you both;
    f – So that YOU can find yourself and BE.
    g – and then he can find himself too.

  2. And what about all YOUR talents for crying out loud!!! You draw beautifully, amazingly well! You too can sing. Damien is very artistic. You have a fantastic way of remembering things and people and occasions – how many times are you a Godmother? How many times am I? You have your own car, you just baught a beautiful new lounge suite and fridge etc, and you get to see mom and dad almost every day! I would trade all mine for a car and the opportunity to see my folks everyday. Oh and as for the guitar, I havent practiced for MONTHS! Dont have time.

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