I Didn’t Ask You To Do That!

This was Damien’s response this morning to something I said this morning. He was complaining about me searching his suitcase and me replying with how I can only do so much when it comes to helping him through school- namely taking him to the best doctors and getting him the right meds; and that he has to make an effort to apply himself. . .
I was a little taken aback by his response, I mean- I know he’s not mad about being an ADDer, and he wishes he wasn’t- but he was particularly vehement this time. Of course we both know what would happen if he wasn’t on meds- so I just said that one day when he moves out he can decide what to do about it, until then I am responsible and I decide. What was I supposed to say? Apologise for getting him diagnosed and then getting him medicated?

One thought on “I Didn’t Ask You To Do That!

  1. Hi Angel, it sounds like you’re having a really tough time there. I only just read your previous post too so I’m going to make a general comment here… Don’t beat yourself up that he doesn’t tell you everything. It’s normal. In my humble opinion it is virtually impossible to be both the parent/disciplinarian, and the best buddy who gets to hear everything. It sounds like you’re doing a good job with him, in that you do talk. Hang in there.
    And btw you write a really good rant!

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