Shock! Horror!

Damien and I started our day with a fight this morning! Oh me, what am I gonna do now!
Did you get the sarcasm there? Heh heh. Truly- if I don’t try to laugh about it I may start crying and I don’t know if I would be able to stop for a while. . .
So- why did we fight today? Because Babe2 phoned him a little after 6am (yup- 6am this morning) to ask if he could go out with her directly after school today, and her mom would have them BACK AT THE SCHOOL by 6pm! Some credit is due me though; I managed to maintain a semi-conversational tone of voice during the exchange that followed, even though he was doing his stomping-around-almost-throwing-things-and-all-but-swearing-routine. I of course said no, and to justify it to him (yes- I know I don’t need to) I repeated house rule number 1274, section 2b– which categorically states that there will be NO gallivanting on a week night, ESPECIALLY not on a school night. Some of you may remember that I have had to re-affirm this particular rule a couple of times before. What followed my negative answer, was a long. . . um. . . let’s call it a conversation shall we. . . about me not being prepared to “break” the rules to suit him and Babe2, and how- since she is busy with church commitments this weekend and can’t go out- she will surely understand that he has gymnastics AND house church tonight. And even if I were to consider allowing him to go out on a week night- he already has two prior engagements! He didn’t say much, but we had to drive to school with the windows closed for fear of his fat lip getting hooked on a passing truck’s mirror or something. This afternoon when I fetched him, he told me Babe2 was very “sad” (his word) about his not being able to go out this afternoon. I told him I was truly sorry for upsetting him and Babe2, but that I wasn’t prepared to bend the rules even a little bit. Then he asked if they could go out next Wednesday, which is a public holiday. I said it shouldn’t be a problem and I would consider it, as long as he doesn’t expect to be out late and provided he doesn’t have any major homework assignments due (especially since this “holiday” is for the municipal election voting and was only announced early this year, the schools may not have built it into their curriculum). Again- and as per usual- not much from him in response. . . give me strength!
NOW can I lock him in his room till he turns forty?

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  1. Are you sure you want to lock him in his room until he’s 40? Haha, I want to read your posts in 10 years time lol!

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