This Evening, In The Car, We Discussed

what happens when you take a sip of hot coffee or tea with a piece of bubblegum in your mouth. and what happens to bubblegum when you drink something really cold. And how cold ice water feels if you’ve just had a peppermint. And how the stuff they use to make peppermints feel cool in your mouth is the same stuff they put in yogi sip apple to make it feel cold when you drink it. Which turned into an argument about whether or not yogi sip apple tastes like mint or not (me against Damien for). And how you can’t find Velamints anywhere anymore and how much I miss them. And then we pulled into our driveway and the conversation changed to more mundane stuff like whether or not he’s going to pack his school bag for tomorrow the way I have been telling him to… or not.

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