Is There A Road Users Guide To Traffic Etiquette?

What to do* what to do* and I know it’s happened to everyone of us.
You’re on your way to work, and somewhere ahead of you there’s been an accident. So now you sit. Of course there are always those on the highway who are unable to grasp the reality of the situation (and taxi drivers of course) who then spend the next hour or so trying to squeeze their car into the smallest of spaces in an attempt to move just five metres further than everyone behind him- like they’re being chased. And then, because there are bound to be colleagues or neigbours who take the same route you do to work- you see someone you know in the lane next to you. It’s the drip from auditing and he’s waving like a madman! There’s no avoiding it- you wave, smile, maybe even open the window for a chat- if the traffic is slow enough. Then the car in front of you starts to move forward a little- so you say a hurried “good bye” and “see you later” before the lunatic behind you starts hooting at you! And then mercifully you’re out of sight of each other again. Two minutes later you have to do the whole “Hey! Wow! Look who it is- how funny is this!?!” routine when you come to a standstill next to each other once again! If you’re genuinely friends this can actually make a traffic jam fun, a stop-start conversation and or gossip session about all and sundry. If you’re merely acquaintances however- you could find yourself inching forward with all eyes on your mirrors to see if the person is still behind you- and then all but forcing your car underneath the one in front of you simply to avoid them coming up next to you again!
And then as a last resort- you turn the radio real loud- rest your elbow on your door- and then shield your eyes from a sometimes non-existent sun to avoid making eye contact yet AGAIN!
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This Is My New Toy!

A Fujifilm finepix S5600… It’s beautiful and lightweight and compact and full of features and gadgets and I am having SUCH fun with it- it literally accompanies me everywhere now! I look like a tourist! Check out this link!
Taxi doesn’t mind the camera- he’s always posed for me- or at least stood still and tolerated me! Greebo however- goes out of his way to avoid me or to spoil the shot! Luckily my darling Damien doesn’t mind his mommy photographing him- after all- he is my favourite subject apart from my furry masters. And look at this absolutely adorable picture of nephew N drawing! He is in hospital with pneumonia (hence the big plaster on his head) and Granny Glen bought him one of those drawing thingies where you draw a picture with a stylus and then lift the plastic and the picture disappears. Look how he concentrates- I think almost everyone in my family since my Ouma Jean has done that with their tongues!

I Wish I May… I Wish I Might…

I think every adult should be entitled to make a birthday wish slash want list at least twice in their adult lives.
The first time I ever made a list was for my 31st birthday- the year before last. I’m not sure why I started it in the first place- I think it started as a “want” list for one day when I had money to blow on stuff like that- and I kept adding to it, most of it was stuff I’d probably never have gotten around to buying for myself because they were simply “nice-to-haves”. There were all sorts of things on the list from stationery and books to CDs and jewelry and even a picture frame and cushions. As it got closer to my birthday I thought I’d mail it out for shits and giggles- and then I figured I’d mail it out to close friends and family and call a spade a spade, so to speak! Man- it was fabulous people! I got just about everything that I had put on my list! I didn’t know who was buying what- or even if the people I had sent it to would use the list- but it was truly magical. I can’t tell you how nice it was to receive so many gifts and all of them actually being things I truly wanted! How blessed am I to have friends and family who would go out of their way to make my heart glad!
This year it was sister B’s turn to make a list. I think she got most of the stuff on her list too. It really does make a special day that much more memorable- especially when you have friends and family who know you and love you! And I got such a kick out of watching B open her gift and knowing she’d like what was inside!
Mommy Darling only had one thing on her list this year- her first list ever. It was a CD- the sound track to “Spirit- Stallion of the Cimarron”. Actually, Mommy Darling asked for the soundtrack to “Gladiator”… but she had the “Spirit” soundtrack in mind- it meant two trips to the mall- and we all know how much I HATE mall crawling… NOT! Teehee!
da Bruvva, my SIL and my BIL have yet to make lists for their birthdays, da Bruvva & SIL will have to do it next year. Daddy Darling and sister C have also not had a turn. But I have every intention of reminding them to do so and I know that all of us will do our utmost to get something off their lists for them.
Seriously- admit it. You know you have a list- in your head or on a blog or in a diary… a list of stuff you’d love to have- sometimes just for the sake of having it. It doesn’t even have to be useful stuff- it’s just stuff. Stuff that will warm your heart and make you smile… try it for your next birthday- I dare you! Kids are allowed to tell us what they want- why do we have to outgrow that?

School’s Out!

Can you hear the cheering and screaming!?! Bags being thrown in the air… okay, not quite. They’re too cool to over react in high school. Damien starts a three week holiday today. He doesn’t get out of gymnastics though- they’ll still be training. Provincial qualifying is usually in June with Nationals in August so there’s a lot of work to be done. I’m not sure yet what I’m going to do with him during the holidays- he doesn’t do well when he’s home alone for extended periods of time…

For The First Time Ever

This morning Damien said a prayer of his own making! Usually if I ask him to say a prayer for us after our devotion, he says The Lords Prayer and then I add on a bunch of stuff when he’s finished- like travel mercies, looking after our friends and family, forgiving our sins and helping us not to repeat them and specific prayer requests that we and our friends (online and otherwise) may have. This morning when I asked him if he could say a prayer for us, he proceeded to asked God for travel mercies for us and our family, and for God to be with all our friends and family today- and he named our family one at a time- and then he stopped and asked me to continue ‘coz he couldn’t think of anything else! I can’t tell you how happy this makes me! Right now I can’t remember if I’ve ever mentioned here how badly I neglected my darling Damien’s Christian education and how much I took for granted. And when I finally realised how much I had allowed to “fall by the wayside” so to speak, I worried that I had left it WAY too late. It is so hard to describe to someone what it feels like when your heart almost jumps out of your chest the first time you hear God speak to you- and I so badly want him to feel that himself. I am taking his prayer this morning as a “sign” that he has not ignored- or not heard- anything and everything that has come from me, my mom, my sisters, my brother and the church in the last couple of years! But I do regret allowing us to go so far astray . . . I can’t catch up- but with God’s help I will carry on.