Damien Is Sometimes

Surprisingly observant… he had his first really big assignment to do for high school, a mini-biography on William Shakespeare. So we did all the research, WIKIPEDIA and all that, and his granny (my mommy darling) was sweet enough to print out some pictures for him in colour. Then we went through all the pages of research and highlighted the parts he would use to do his assignment with. One part of the information he decided to use referred to a popular trend of recycling older stories and historical material. He looks up at me and says “so this guy’s famous for rewriting other people’s plays…?” I giggled, and said I had never thought of it that way! I think he can be proud of his assignment- and I think he’s going to surprise this particular teacher too. He’s the older teacher I mentioned earlier, who doesn’t seem particularly keen on giving Damien any extra “attention” if you know what I mean. When I met with them last Thursday after school he asked me if I knew about the assignment on Shakespeare and whether I knew it was due on March 2nd. I hadn’t known about it, it wasn’t in Damien’s homework diary, but I found the assignment sheet and we started gathering information. He finished it the day before it was due- pictures and a snazzy cover and all- even a bibliography. Damien even wanted to rush it to finish it earlier and really surprise the teacher- I said to rather take some time and do it properly.

3 thoughts on “Damien Is Sometimes

  1. Excellent! You must be very chuffed with him 🙂
    I’ve been sooo busy this week so haven’t caught up on all my blog-reading, and you’ve been very productive on yours I must say.
    WOW on the facial recognition results – I don’t think Damien is going to have any trouble finding girlfriends. Heath Ledger eh? Yum!

  2. Well done Damien! Here is a star for you * – please be sure to give it to him from me!

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