I Had A Dream*

So what!?

So- I remembered it! I never remember them! Anyhoo, it went as follows:

I had a big house with a really shabby garden, and my parents lived over the road from us- they apparently complained about the shabby garden so I called in some sorta experts to help me fix it up (yup- even in my dreams I don’t do these things myself!)
They came and mowed the lawn and planted new grass and new flowers, but the weird part was that it was like watching a stop-action-sequence or something. There’d be like a flicker and the flower beds were neatly trimmed, another flicker and the new grass and ground cover started growing, another flicker and there were these HUUUGE flowers on long stalks. . . kinda hard to describe* but the whole time I’m watching this I’m hearing someone tell me what’s happening. The flowers are apparently some new kinda hybrid, and the voice tells me they replant themselves and spread themselves out to where they look the most appealing in any garden. The next thing I look and the flowers are cloning themselves and walking around the garden and standing where THEY (the flowers) want to stand! “See?!” says the voice, all proud of itself and all. Then the voice is gone, and I’m watching these flowers split down the middle and re-grow while they walk to another part of my suddenly ginormous garden!

Then I remember a book I read at school- “The Day Of The Triffids” by John Wyndham- and these flowers are looking more and more like the ones on the cover of the book and I swear they’re watching me!!
Marshall Tymn once wrote that The Days of the Triffids was “an effective revival of the catastrophe theme in which H.G. Wells had been so successful. . . “

The next thing I know I have driven across the road to my folks place, squished them in the back of my little car (Damien and I in the front seats) and we’re off somewhere together- flower trauma apparently forgotten- and mommy and daddy darling going on about the Bluetooth features on our respective cellphones!

Then my alarms went off- I woke up convinced it was Saturday- switched them all off (yes- I have more than one- because I often wake up disorientated and go back to sleep). . . and promptly overslept!

3 thoughts on “I Had A Dream*

  1. Yep, that officially counts as a Weird Dream… seems to have been a good week for those.
    LMAO at your gym story!

  2. How I would love for someone to just come and magically fix things. I’d so love a home make-over!

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