Damien Got Himself A Sunburn!

I spent the weekend sick in bed and on Sunday, mommy darling said Damien could go and visit there for a bit. He came home in the afternoon with his shins burnt lobster red! He said he was sitting in the garden reading a book under a brolly… clearly his legs were sticking out! He really burnt sore- so he rubbed on lots of Zambuk- had a cool bath and went to bed early. I hope he’s learned his lesson though (isn’t this just so typical of a mom!?) he’s never really had a sunburn before and when he swims and I nag him to put on a hat or reapply his sun block he goes on and on about how he doesn’t burn, he just tans, blah-blah-blah! He does have a beautiful skin, and he does tan easily (thankfully one of the good things he got from his father instead of inheriting his mother’s English complexion) but I’m always careful… now maybe he’ll listen. Aaah, who am I kidding!

2 thoughts on “Damien Got Himself A Sunburn!

  1. Oh this is sooooo funny! tears are rolling – its just so amusing – i really did not consider D would burn! he was having such fun too ….. hee hee …. and it was not even a hot day …. silly boykie …. ha ha ha ……

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