And I mean reeeeally ouch!!! And this was the one time I WANTED a bitch-slapping and I couldn’t get it!!! Well, I asked for it- quite literally! And I learned at least one lesson- READ the critic’s viewpoints before you ASK them to critique YOU! Here’s the thing. I submitted my blog (read: occasionally fragile ego) a while ago to http://italk2much.com/ for a review. And as is true to my usual blunder-forward-and-then-think style, I went ahead with all pistons firing! Of course- once it’s submitted- it can’t be UN-submitted! And then- AFTER I offered them my throat- I started reading more and more of their reviews of other blogs that had been submitted. The more I read of course- the more I realised that I was in a little spot o’ bother! The bitches don’t like the standard blogger templates (so no slap!)* the bitches don’t like a dark template with light text (so no slap there!)* the bitches loathe Google ads (again- no slap here!)* the bitches dislike long posts (guilty- no slap there!)* the bitches reeeeally dislike the word “mind” in a blog title (absoLUTELY no slap!)! Their bottom line, simply: “I don’t like this blog.” Oh dear. But seriously, I wasn’t expecting a rave review or anything, but I wasn’t expecting that either! Maybe I should be glad she didn’t say something like “DON’T READ THIS BLOG!!!” Mwaaaaahahahaha! Okay. So, I have now licked the wounds I could reach and I am walking upright with my boobs out (like that’s ever NOT an option with mine). I am in process of acquiring my own custom made template- it’ll be a while but I’m getting there, and as much as I like the white-on-black-look, my new template’s concept is a reversal of this (decided BEFORE I couldn’t even get slapped once, hee hee). I do plan to keep my blog title, because all of this really is what’s in my mind and not anywhere else* as for the long posts* no hope for me there I fear! I am considering removing the Google ads though* I figure there’s not much point unless I get a LOT more readers! I do plan on resubmitting to “it2m” when I’m done* possibly* maybe* perhaps* um, I dunno yet! There’s a link in my sidebar somewhere to them, go read it and tell me what you think. Oh- just a friendly warning- the critics have monikers like Princess Pottymouth, * and *- and constructive as their criticism is (yes, really)- if you are even a little bit the sensitive type- then do NOT submit your blog for a review here!

3 thoughts on “OUCH!!

  1. Anonymous (2): no, at the time anonymous (1) was right, and I knew it was coming after I submitted my blog to be "slapped" before reading their critique. I wasn't offended by their criticism, it was constructive after all- but it was delivered without niceties.
    Glad you like it now.

  2. lol that Anonymous is a bit of a dick. anyways I'm reading all these old posts in one go, and obviously with the new template and the green is really pretty.

  3. Believe me, no one ever clicks on the Google ads and you are making no money. No one will ever click on the Google ads. Bloggers are Google ad’ed out.

    The black template is hard on the eyes.

    And what did you expect when you submitted your site to IT2M? Have you been a reader there? They give blunt critisism.

    A good blog is based on content and looks. That’s how it is.

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