The Latest On My Furry Masters- Greebo & Taxi

Greebo does NOT like the camera! He never really has, so if I do get a nice picture of him it’s with a LOT of bribery, asking nicely and pleading… Taxi isn’t phased by the camera at all; I can usually get a nice one of him. And he has this crazy thing- when he falls asleep with his head up… he gradually relaxes more and more and as he does- his mouth hangs open! He looks like he’s laughing at me… wait a minute… maybe he is!

One thought on “The Latest On My Furry Masters- Greebo & Taxi

  1. Ooh pretty cat! We had a really dumb fluffy dog (actually I put a pic up on my blog of him recently) who used to fall asleep on the couch with his head hanging over the edge and occasionally he’d just fall off. D’oh! Not very bright, but very cute lol!

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