I French Kissed Michael Bublé!

Okay- it was in a dream- but I got your attention didn’t I?! Teehee. . .
These are the dreams I like to remember! It was rather strange too; we were on some kind of ship slash snazzy ferry with a crowd of people. The ferry sank- in one piece and with all of us on it and waiting patiently and unharmed for rescue. The delectable Michael Bublé was entertaining us in a big hall. He was singing completely unaccompanied and chatting and joking, being his adorable self. It was divine, and I was thoroughly enjoying it. He was sort of walking around the room doing his thing, and when he got to me- he leaned down, put his hands on my shoulders and kissed me- WITH tongue people!! When we opened our eyes the hall was empty, he looked at me and said “And now?” and I said “The ship’s up. . .”
And then I woke up!
Yes- I know- oh SO very juvenile, but it was really nice while it lasted! Makes me wonder about the dreams I don’t remember. . . Mwaaaaahahahahaha!

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