Happy Saint Patricks Day

Allbodies! Whether you’re Irish or not- I hope you enjoy today! And then don’t forget that Tuesday March 21st is Single Parents Day. At least it is in the USA, and it just so happens to be Human Rights Day AND a public holiday in South Africa too! And my boss has been nice enough to let me take the Monday off; four day weekend here we come! One of the many newsletters I subscribe to is one specifically for single parents, and they made a list of ideal gift suggestions specifically “tailored” for single parents. And since Tuesday is “our” day- please feel free to send me any and or all of the below list! Heh heh. . .
1) Free Babysitting Services! Some Single Parents never get a break. They go from work to parenting and back again 24/7. Don’t just offer to babysit, make a gift certificate of your own and ensure that the parent uses it. Luckily I am very blessed with friends and family who do have Damien often.
2) Housekeeping / Maid Service! Another area where energy to spare is often non-existant. Maybe you can afford to offer the generous gift of a maid service – even a one time offer will be wildly appreciated! And we all know how much I hate doing this- my house always looks like I’ve just had a party!
3) Gift Certificates. . . a perfect holiday present for your single parent friend or relative. . . it is sure to be used and appreciated. yup- shopaholic me- love those gift certificates!
4) Personalized Gift Baskets. . . Think about what your single parent friend or family member loves and put together a gift basket that caters to their favorite things. Collections, books, luxury bath items, foods, kitchen items, hobbies, or even carry out a themed basket, like a movie night basket, or an organizer basket. The possibilities are endless!
5) Household Luxury Item! Give something they would love to have, but just cannot justify buying for themselves. Has she admired a beautiful mirror or dish set, maybe linens or a cashmere sweater? Maybe he would love to have a nice grill, kitchen gadgets, new tools, or electronics of some kind. Even something modest like a plush throw for the sofa, pillows for the bed, or scented candles would be nice since single parents rarely allow themselves to indulge in these little life luxuries. Honestly- I do indulge myself here. . .
6) Family Entertainment! Finding creative and free or cheap ways to entertain the family is very important to Single Parents and most of us have learned how to keep our kids happily busy much of the time. But there are times when we would all love to catch a movie, go out to eat, take in a concert, go to a theme park, the zoo, or other area outdoor activities. hhmmmm, I indulge myself and Damien here too. . .
7) Practical Items. There are loads of items that most of us take for granted that everyone has enough of. Gloves, hats, blankets, umbrellas, ice scrapers, doormats, placemats, long distance phone cards, a new iron, toaster, coffeemaker, bath towels, shower curtain, laundry baskets, organizer baskets, magazine subscriptions, newspaper subscriptions, firewood … these are just a few ideas to get you started! Um, okay- bring on the firewood!
8) Holiday Theme Items. . . I just love Christmas- you can gimme Christmas decorations any time!

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