Our Weekend Was A Long One

Literally! Tuesday was a public holiday (Human Rights Day), and since Damien got Monday off from school, I took Monday off too.
Friday night we did very little, watched TV, ate McDonalds. But Friday is usually our stay home and unwind evening ‘coz we’re both buggered after a week of work and school.
On Saturday morning we were off to one of our favourite shopping malls to find Mommy Darling’s birthday present as well as take care of a few other things. I want to either get another tattoo or change one I already have (the one on my right upper arm could be a little bigger IMHO). I also went to an internet café to post my FFF and check if all was in order. I have no idea why, but this here blog page was unavailable for the whole of Friday (at least- Friday day- South Africa time), but by Friday night it was back up again… that’s the first time I’ve had Blogger grief so I can’t reeeeeally complain. After the mall, we went to Mommy Darling’s house to begin the birthday celebrations. Mom hadn’t been in the mood to celebrate at all but Daddy Darling convinced her to go ahead with her planned family supper. We were there till well after midnight and t was good fun. Sister B had the idea to surprise her with birthday candles so she baked a cake and I bought enough candles to make sure mom’s cake was covered! Luckily Mommy Darling doesn’t have a fire alarm in her house! My BIL also brought the digital camera I am planning to buy so I could have a look at it- man, it’s gorgeous and I can’t wait to get my grubby paws on it!
On Sunday morning brother G, myself and nephew N’s godparents were back at Mommy and Daddy Darling’s early in the morning to watch the Malaysian F1 grand prix. Another disappointing race for Ferrari- but SO much better than last season. After the race I headed off to some very dear friends who are moving house at the end of the month- they’re also expecting twins in about three weeks time so I am helping pack and measure and carry and so on. Even though they’re excited about their new house- you can imagine how much she’s looking forward to moving house when she’s 32 weeks pregnant with twin boys! Damien spent the day riding their mini-scrambler around a nearby open veld in the complex, next thing he came back to the house almost in tears- one of their neighbours Alsatians had given him a nice set of bruises and welts on his upper thigh! They had apparently been out walking their dog and he wasn’t on a leash. Of course by the time we got back to where he’d been riding they were long gone- and there were big signs up saying there wasn’t supposed to be any quad-biking or riding in the veld anyway. Since the dog didn’t break the skin we didn’t go to the hospital of anything. We only left there the next morning around 1am! Since they’re one of my favourite couples to visit so it was no surprise to me! We’re very excited about the baby boys arrival- Damien sees these particular friends as his weekend parents and their daughter thinks Damien is the best thing since sliced bread!
On Monday- Damien and I did housework… oh goody! I can’t tell you how much I loathe this aspect of my life- I would be so much happier if everything was disposable! Monday afternoon Damien and I went to sister B’s office to say howdy. Then we stopped off at a place called “Chamberlains”, I’d never been in there before- it’s like a big hardware store, home décor and DIY etcetera. I finally found the standing lamps I’ve been looking for, and for a lot cheaper than I’ve seen them anywhere else too! They look really nice in my living room too! We got a few DVDs and pretty much fell asleep in front of the TV.
Tuesday morning- I woke up just after 4am, sore, ALL OVER! I couldn’t believe it, I was fine yesterday and the day before! My heartburn was exceptionally bad today too. Tuesday I was going to do washing, go and get my new tattoo, and switch my mom’s CD (I got her the wrong one for her birthday) and do a few other things that I just didn’t get to! I slept on and off until about 1pm. I also wanted to have Mommy and Daddy Darling over for coffee but I didn’t want to make them sick so I cancelled. Bloody marvelous way to spend a public holiday people!
Overall it was a really lekker albeit short holiday, I just wish I had been able to get my tattoo yesterday like I planned!