Super Mom Asked Me A Question

In a comment, and it never ceases to amaze me how someone else’s viewpoint can make you stop and think a little- thanx Mel! I’ve been thinking about this for a while, since Super Mom wrote the comment, and I hadn’t registered that that was the perception I was creating until she said it, so I think I now need to clarify the Babe “issue” and why it worries me. It’s NOT that I DON’T want Damien to have a girlfriend- I just would prefer it to happen later, when he’s older. A huge part of my concern is that Damien is a medicated ADDer with a textbook ADHD diagnosis. Add to those issues the fun of the havoc teenage hormones can cause- and you may have a slight inkling of how. . . um. . . let me say “entertaining”- for want of a better word- our life can get. As it is Damien doesn’t need much encouragement at all to get distracted from class work and homework. He battles with distractibility, impulsiveness, recklessness. . . all thanks to his ADHD, and having a girlfriend simply adds another complication to an already “tangled” brain. He is emotionally immature too- and I worry terribly about sex. Yes, Damien and I’ve spoken about sex, he has the condoms in his wallet that I gave him and that he knows do NOT imply permission from me in any way, and he does ask me the odd question (luckily he still talks to me… occasionally…) but I am dreadfully afraid that he will be tempted into having a sexual relationship before he’s ready for one, and lets face it people- sex is fun- especially when it’s new! I have reasonable faith in him and in his girlfriends- but I can talk until I’m blue in the face, but I’m not with him 24 hours a day.