Now Everything Smells Of Horse!

The funniest part of yesterday’s outing- watching me trying to heave my bulk onto and off of a horse! I could FEEL everyone else trying NOT to laugh out loud! And- of course- the more I giggled at myself, the more I battled! It was so worth it though- I managed to keep it a secret from Damien and surprise him with it when we got to my sister’s house to finish packing our picnic lunches. Honestly, I forgot how much work it is to ride a horse, and even though we did no more than walk (I cannot describe the pain of big boobs when a horse trots under me), today my pelvic floor area- which is of course the part of one’s anatomy that’s gets sat on- hurts like a mother trucker people! We will definitely be going again, Damien rides like he does it every day and he had good fun! When we got home yesterday evening, we could still smell the horses when we were standing outside our front door and the cats spent about twenty minutes going over every inch of our bags with their fine tuned sniffers! Check out my Flickr link for pictures from yesterday’s outing.
On Saturday morning I slept late- heavenly! Then Damien and I did some housework, collected Mommy Darling and went to a shopping mall nearby… that is an absolute disaster on payday weekend! We managed to do what we went there to do, and then we stopped off at the hospital to visit brother G’s son N, who is in hospital for pneumonia. He was sleeping when we arrived so we had a coffee with brother G and my SIL and had a good look at some stunning scrapbooking stuff my brother found in a nearby factory shop- guess where I’m going this coming weekend! When he woke up he was very glad to see he had visitors! Mommy Darling went to see him on Sunday morning early and she said she was quite heart sore to see him sitting all alone in his cot, because she realized that without his mom or dad or a family member there with him that’s all he’ll do- he can’t lift himself up to hang on the top of his cot and chat to passers by like the other babies do, and although he can play with his toys by himself, he battles to get to a sitting position from lying down without help.
After visiting nephew N, we went to a friend’s new house for supper and to celebrate their move. Damien and her son didn’t come out of the bedroom (it was cold and rainy- otherwise we would have braaied)- and she and I chatted, laughed, shared a bottle of sparkling wine, and watched movies till two am Sunday, it was good fun and we ate way too much!!
Friday when I fetched Damien- I had already been stuck in traffic for nearly forty minutes because it was payday for more than half the country and everyone was headed home early! Instead of trying to tackle the highway again, we decided to drive around the area close to his school looking at townhouse complexes and flats to see if there was anything we fancied. There are lots- but two of the numbers I did find had no answer and the other number I called wanted twice what we’re paying now and won’t allow me to take my cats! I can see this is going to be entertaining. . .

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