For The First Time Ever

This morning Damien said a prayer of his own making! Usually if I ask him to say a prayer for us after our devotion, he says The Lords Prayer and then I add on a bunch of stuff when he’s finished- like travel mercies, looking after our friends and family, forgiving our sins and helping us not to repeat them and specific prayer requests that we and our friends (online and otherwise) may have. This morning when I asked him if he could say a prayer for us, he proceeded to asked God for travel mercies for us and our family, and for God to be with all our friends and family today- and he named our family one at a time- and then he stopped and asked me to continue ‘coz he couldn’t think of anything else! I can’t tell you how happy this makes me! Right now I can’t remember if I’ve ever mentioned here how badly I neglected my darling Damien’s Christian education and how much I took for granted. And when I finally realised how much I had allowed to “fall by the wayside” so to speak, I worried that I had left it WAY too late. It is so hard to describe to someone what it feels like when your heart almost jumps out of your chest the first time you hear God speak to you- and I so badly want him to feel that himself. I am taking his prayer this morning as a “sign” that he has not ignored- or not heard- anything and everything that has come from me, my mom, my sisters, my brother and the church in the last couple of years! But I do regret allowing us to go so far astray . . . I can’t catch up- but with God’s help I will carry on.

One thought on “For The First Time Ever

  1. That’s really awesome! Big lump in my throat now. It is never to late to start reading God’s word or talking to Him, or accepting Him as your Savior. You dont need to “catch up” it’s not a race, just never stop praying with your son. Pray over him too – psalm 91, a psalm of protection. Place your hand on his head or shoulder and read it out of the bible in prayer over him. Literally pray over him.

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