Is There A Road Users Guide To Traffic Etiquette?

What to do* what to do* and I know it’s happened to everyone of us.
You’re on your way to work, and somewhere ahead of you there’s been an accident. So now you sit. Of course there are always those on the highway who are unable to grasp the reality of the situation (and taxi drivers of course) who then spend the next hour or so trying to squeeze their car into the smallest of spaces in an attempt to move just five metres further than everyone behind him- like they’re being chased. And then, because there are bound to be colleagues or neigbours who take the same route you do to work- you see someone you know in the lane next to you. It’s the drip from auditing and he’s waving like a madman! There’s no avoiding it- you wave, smile, maybe even open the window for a chat- if the traffic is slow enough. Then the car in front of you starts to move forward a little- so you say a hurried “good bye” and “see you later” before the lunatic behind you starts hooting at you! And then mercifully you’re out of sight of each other again. Two minutes later you have to do the whole “Hey! Wow! Look who it is- how funny is this!?!” routine when you come to a standstill next to each other once again! If you’re genuinely friends this can actually make a traffic jam fun, a stop-start conversation and or gossip session about all and sundry. If you’re merely acquaintances however- you could find yourself inching forward with all eyes on your mirrors to see if the person is still behind you- and then all but forcing your car underneath the one in front of you simply to avoid them coming up next to you again!
And then as a last resort- you turn the radio real loud- rest your elbow on your door- and then shield your eyes from a sometimes non-existent sun to avoid making eye contact yet AGAIN!
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3 thoughts on “Is There A Road Users Guide To Traffic Etiquette?

  1. Phew – luckily I don’t sit in traffic. I would probably have to sit and wave and chat to bus loads full of people, we have a factory and there are 350 – 400 people who work in there, they all know me cause I get greeted by name by some people I have never even seen – it could be weird.

  2. lol! it’s funny cos it’s true 😉

    I have the same camera btw, and I know what u mean – I’m having soooo much fun with mine too!

  3. Oh I don’t miss those traffic jams!!! That is one nice thing of living in a little town. It takes me 4 minutes from my home to my work

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