My Darling Child Is Not A Happy Camper This Morning

Because I dropped him off at holiday school- and he wanted to stay at home and play PS2 and watch movies (and eat me out of house and home in the process). Luckily for me, and unfortunately for Damien, there is always a holiday school running at his old primary school, and he often goes there during holidays to visit the kids he still knows who may be there too. But he wanted to stay at home this holiday. He insists he’s old enough and responsible enough to stay home alone, and most two-days-shy-of-fifteen-year-olds would be, but I know he isn’t. I mean, even when I’m home with him, he can’t be “responsible” and frankly I don’t feel it’s fair of me to expect him to be. Especially since I KNOW he does not think before he does something, and the last time I dared leave him home alone during a school holiday (the last June-July holiday), it took him all of two days to cause major havoc in our lives! I won’t go into it again, but it was a HUGE issue! And now, everything from his seeming inability to stay put of my bedroom to his irresistible attraction to all things snack-like or even vaguely sweet in the grocery cupboard makes me worry about what else he may get up to. And of course- since I actually enjoy baking- I have the audacity to have stuff like condensed milk, tinned caramel, chocolate (spread & cooking), castor sugar, icing sugar, milo powder, hot chocolate powder, sprinkles and fillings in the grocery cupboard (most of which- BTW- has migrated to my bedroom cupboard over the last year or so and now my bedroom also gets locked) and I actually forbid him to eat any of it!
How’s my mind!
And please note- this is in no way whatsoever a condemnation of anyone who does leave their kids at home alone in the holidays. If I could trust Damien not to burn the place down I would take great pleasure in leaving a prepared lunch for him and allowing him to sleep late in the holidays.