Welcome Boys!

On Monday night, at a little before 6:30pm, some very dear friends of mine gave birth to twin boys! They’re not identical and they are too too gorgeous, I just couldn’t get over how cute they are- and so tiny. . . I hardly knew how to hold them- they feel like little dolls, like they’re going to slip right out of your arms- all you feel is blanket! And their skin is so soft it’s quite incredible. So welcome baby W and baby J! These litle guys were 5 weeks prem, weighed 2.5kg & 2.37kg respectively and they’re both 48cm long! Even though they were early, they only spent one night in highcare and they’re probaby going home today! The doctors are very impressed! Congratulations G&A- you’re a couple of pro’s! Oh, with their mommy’s permission I’ll post photos later. . . I forgot to ask her when I was snapping away like a lunatic last night!

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