Hello all you happy people!

Sorry I been a bit scarce this week… I SO hate to disappoint my THOUSANDS of readers! ~snigger~ It’s been hectic, with four four-day weeks in a row (five weeks for me because I took Damien’s birthday off too) everybody is working “extra hard” to make up for the day that they won’t work. And the traffic is a friggin’ nightmare! The working parents are sleeping late because the kids are on holiday, and everyone who isn’t a parent is cursing the parents because their leaving home later is now interfering with the people who usually go in later. And then you have all the extra traffic much earlier than usual because no-one can focus after lunchtime with a long weekend looming! You can leave for work at a “normal” full day time and not get stuck at all because everyone has already left! I took this picture yesterday morning- if you ask me it doesn’t LOOK like half the working stiffs’re on holiday- and then I saw the sign in the background… I thought I’d share it with the rest of the world- because I think it’s brilliant that South African ad agencies were so quick to jump on the Chuck-wagon!

One thought on “Hello all you happy people!

  1. No-one wants to work this time of the year. Although I was so busy in the office that I didn’t even notice that Easter was upon us

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