Helloooo blogland!

Yup, I really do. I am pretty sure you all have heard me tell of how much I love him- and how else could I explain my neurotic paranoia… except that it’s love induced… isn’t it? I won’t go into details right now… maybe not ever… but right now- my life and what’s going on in it feels as if its worthy of Jerry Bloody Springer!! Does he pay his guests? I think an all-expenses-paid trip to America would be just what the doctor ordered! Me and me alone. Just me and my suitcase and my laptop. No kids, no family, no friends- just me and blogland! I think maybe I’ll put on a fake accent and pretend to be from France or something!

3 thoughts on “Helloooo blogland!

  1. Jerry Springer hey….. now there is an interesting topic…
    enjoy your trip – heh.

  2. A Springer Vacation stateside would be a great thing to blog about.
    I think you should make one up.

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