Who Gives A Shit!

I’m not talking about sportsmen and women who go overseas to train or to play for other clubs between seasons here. Most of them come “home” to play for their own country.
I’m talking about the ex-pats that South Africans claim as their own once they get famous!
Let’s take Dave Matthews as a prime example of someone I personally do not consider South African at all. The guy is a superb musician, make no mistake. But he left SA yeeeeeears ago to pursue a music career that was severely stifled in this country. Let’s be honest- there really isn’t the overseas kind of money to be made in SA when it comes to music or acting is there…
Then there was the mini-furor over Prince Harry’s one time girlfriend, Chelsy (are they still together?) When everyone went berserk ‘coz Harry was dating a South African! But she wasn’t was she. She’s a Zimbabwean; she was just going to varsity in SA… or something along those lines.
I really cannot understand why South Africans (and yes- I’m generalising) go on and on about whether foreign celebrities were born in SA or not! I mean, if the person lived here, even till fairly recently, and then went overseas to promote a career in music or the silver screen, but still claims SA roots and considers this home- Charlize Theron and the rock band Seether case in point, then bully for them! I am as proud of them as the rest of the country is!
But if they’ve been there forever, I’m talking especially pre-1994, and do not “claim” South African roots- then they aren’t anymore!
What say you?

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  1. Yep! I agree. CT and S, are doing very well, and Seether comes home regularly.

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