“Employee Exceeds Expectations”

Yes- pat me on the back please, a little later I’ll supply my banking and or postal details for congratulatory gifts! I had my annual performance appraisal today, my first one with this company. Considering I started here with absolutely no qualifications and have had to learn as I go along- all three of my bosses were all but flattering in their praise! The ratings go from one to ten (ten being the lowest) and I scored a five, a four, and the rest were all threes (five separate categories each with several subsections)! Overall- it was a three- one of my bosses even said, out loud, that I am and have become a true asset to the company and he hopes that anyone else employed would follow the same type of work ethic! They’re impressed with my work ethic, my attention to detail, my communication and training skills- wow. I am so happy!

5 thoughts on ““Employee Exceeds Expectations”

  1. thanx all bodies, it was very flattering!
    must be that time of the year or something…

  2. I saw another one too just like yours. I also just had my evaluation and while I’m not exceeding all expectations, I’m exceeding a few! Had good comments although most of the time I feel like I’m floundering.

  3. Congrats. How strange, this is the second “Employee Exceeds Expectations” blog story I have seen today.

  4. Congrats all around Angel baby! And thanks for the loverly comment on my story today, I too, am bloody brillient. Wait, did I spell brilliant right? heh heh

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