The Nearly Two Week Old Twins!

That’s baby J on the left hand side and baby W on the right! Aren’t they adorable! Baby J’s hands are always moving, and baby W is just so relaxed!

4 thoughts on “The Nearly Two Week Old Twins!

  1. tammy- they are too precious! i don’t mind a bald head so much… as long as its completely bald, not half half…

    king- you gonna be busy dude!

  2. I love babies. I’m the papa that stay at home, and kid’s mommie goes to med school all day. Other mommie carrying my baby is a nurse practitioner. I actually have only one child of my own, and have adopted my father’s 2. and…I got one on the way. So i’m Mr. Mom. I have MS and some eye surgeries. My babies are, like these are to their parents, my life! Visit me sometimes. kiss

  3. Love the pic with baby W’s bald little head – so sweet like a little old man, funny how cute it is on baby’s and less cute on crown ups!!

  4. How cute are they??? Exhausted thinking of 2 kids at time – hopefully your friend has a lot of help!!

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