Lamborghinis, F1, Heartbreak And Twins

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That’s pretty much a summary of our weekend… and early Monday. Rained like mad on Saturday night- and then we woke up Monday morning to a REALLY chilly 8°C (46.4°F)! Love it!
Friday night was quiet- as usual- as I like it… Damien stayed up late playing PS2 after I watched what I wanted to watch on TV.
Saturday morning I was s’posed to be up early to do some housework before visiting the twins, but I decided subconsciously to ignore my alarm clock and slept way too late… which Damien loved because he got to play PS2 until I woke up because the sun was beating down on my head through my bedroom window!! I woke up in time to do a couple of chores and rush off to my friends for lunch. You’ve already seen some of the pictures of the twins, of course I spent the day snapping away like a nut. Driving home from visiting the twins was when we spotted the Lamborghini. We stopped for bread and milk at the garage and there it was… Damien nearly put his arm through the windscreen when he pointed- he got so excited- then barely waited till the car had stopped before dashing off with my camera. He’s getting almost as bad as me! He spent most of the visit dashing around our friend’s garden photographing spider webs! Then we spent Saturday night home- Damien watched a movie while I dosed, then he went to bed and I attempted to watch “JFK” (the Kevin Costner movie), but it started at midnight and I fell asleep, it is three hours long after all.
Sunday morning I had no option but to wake up so I could get myself, Damien and my granny off to church. I wasn’t in the mood- but I felt a lot better when I’d been. Spent Sunday doing laundry and housework- DREADFULLY exciting… and that’s when the heartbreak happened! Babe1, who had become Babe3 dumped my darling boy! He wouldn’t give me any details; he just said it wasn’t working. Ah me, it’s not like he has verbal diarrhea or anything is it! Sunday night I stayed awake to watch the San Marino F1. My adored red fire engines were right up there where they belong! It was an entertaining race, with Ide taking lessons in stupidity from Sato and Albers coming off the worse for it, and the Button getting greedy and driving away with the front ends of both the fuel hose and the lollipop… maybe it was revenge for the lollipop man attempting to decapitate him! It’s going to be a good season!

3 thoughts on “Lamborghinis, F1, Heartbreak And Twins

  1. Glad u support a good team. I didn’t watch the race but was thrilled to hear intermittent reports on the radio. Go Schumie!!!
    I’ve seen JFK – it is very, very long and there’s an awful lot of talking. The kind of movie you really have to be in the mood to watch.
    Last night we watched ‘Monster’ (Charlize Theron’s moment of glory). Wow.

    Oh, and your interview questions are ready!
    (haha made you wait!)

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