We Spent Most Of Today At The Castrol Xtreme Auto Show

In Jo’burgs massive Coca-Cola Dome.
I’m quite pleased with some of the shots I got. It was very busy, so sometimes to get a decent picture of a car you had to get your timing just right with the people passing by while you’re trying to focus! As soon as I can I’ll post them all to my Flickr account so you can browse at your leisure. In the meantime… here are some pictures of Damien’s favourites from the show (top to bottom, left to right- a custom paint job depicting the creature from Alien, a very customised Nissan, a Hummer, a spinner with banknotes on it, a Galiant and a suped up Nissan 350Z)…Here are some of my favourites (clockwise from top right- a Morgan, a GT40 in Golf colours a’la Le Mans 1969, a Lotus, a custom chopper, and a custom painted Harley)…And what motor show would be complete without Ferraris (there were only two),or Lambhorginis (also only two)…
They also had the Castrol Jet Car which we unfortunately missed seeing in action.
We had a very relaxed afternoon, strolling around the show. Damien enjoyed himself, especially since the show was primarily aimed at sound and accessories, which he lately has shown an interest in. I just with da Bruvva could have gone with us to at least talk with Damien about some of the stuff we saw… a beautiful car to me is truly a work of art- and if you want to give me goosebumps and make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up- give me an F1 car to listen to… but when it comes to the technicalities of sound systems and so on, I get a little lost.

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