No More Babe4!

That’s right… she’s broken up with him already… and you did NOT hear me giggling with glee! Yet another girl has fallen victim to Damien’s good looks and his love of PS2. Anyhoo, he didn’t tell me about this either. He didn’t seem particularly phased by it at all.
We popped in at Mommy and Daddy Darling last night after work and while we were chatting, Mommy Darling asked Damien about his girlfriend/s. He said he didn’t have one. I did a bit of a double take and asked him what happened to Babe4, the one he told me about on Friday afternoon? He said she had broken up with him already! I think it’s a new record for Damien… what was it- three or four days? I think Babe1 lasted a week… Anyhoo, his granny and grandpa then started playing the fool with him and telling him it’s just as well since they had not approved her- my Daddy Darling even told Damien his girlfriends are supposed to come and ask him before they can date Damien! Mommy Darling then mentioned how Daddy Darling had played the fool with all of us over our boyfriends when we still lived at home. All our boyfriends were given nicknames, although Daddy Darling never used them in front of them. Usually it was just a subtle variation of their proper names with a twist- like Cecil becoming Cecilia (he had a pierced ear) or Anton becoming One-ton (he was, um, big). Sometimes he just made sure he never got the name right just to annoy us… like “Clinton” would become “Quinton”.
Funny enough, Damien’s father; the one boyfriend of sister B’s that she was deeply in love with (apart from her husband who came later) and sister C’s husband (now ex) never got nicknames. It suddenly struck me- when I realised this- just how well Daddy Darling knows his daughters that the guys we really loved didn’t get made fun of. My Daddy Darling is just so smart!


“They should make people take a test before they…
…allow them to make The Change, how on earth could that idiot think that being claustrophobic would not be a factor in his new lifestyle!?”
Vanessa was sitting quietly at the massive French windows mentally listing all the things wrong with the system. If anyone had seen her now they would have thought she was simply daydreaming… or should that be night-dreaming… but for the frown on her exquisite face. She was almost grateful that she was currently the oldest one in the house since mind reading came with age- although the ability of others to hear her thoughts had never really put her off thinking what she wanted to anyway!
She could not believe that after all this time they still allowed people to make the change simply because they could pay for the privilege. She understood the logic. After all, growing up as the daughter of a super wealthy reality TV show producer, she herself had bought her way in. But recurring problems were giving their growing society a very bad reputation.
She couldn’t wait until she was in charge of the whole operation. Granted- it would probably be another 200 years or so before she qualified for election- but then she would be able to make major changes to the whole process. For one thing, claustrophobia would immediately rule out a candidate, regardless of how well off he or she was. A history of insanity, depression, or a criminal record of any kind would also disqualify any applicants, not to mention addiction.
There had already been several newbies “sanctioned” (as the committee liked to call it) because they’d completely lost control and started killing willy-nilly! And before any of them could be sanctioned they’d had to lock them up and research new methods for weeks because the very newbies who’d lost the plot were supposed to be immortal.
It had taken too many hundreds of years for the fledgling vampire society to prove them selves to be a useful and essential part of modern society for it all to be thrown away by a couple of claustrophobic manic depressives.

The inspiration for this little tidbit came on Saturday night while I was watching Interview With The Vampire. I am a big fan of vampire stories, and I have read all the Anne Rice stories- I own most of them in paperback too and I reread them regularly. I was a little disappointed in the movie though- the first time I saw it I had not yet read the book and I thought it was pretty cool… now I’m not so sure. There is so much in the movie that is different to the book, and things in the book that are not in the movie at all, and the book is so much scarier. It’s why I seldom watch a movie after I’ve read the book- I am usually disappointed. Not to mention those horrible wigs… hellooo? Was this Tom Cruise’s worst role ever or what? Good grief.
So, big ups to JJ, my main man and one lank hoopy frood! Feel free to visit him over at
his place for the rules of the Flash Fiction Friday game.

On Parallel Bars, Puppies, Pizza And Superheroes!

This weekend was busy as anything, and I’m feeling it this morning- my body is crying out for sleep, so much so that I was tempted to pull over and kip on the side of the highway on the way back from dropping Damien off at school this morning!
After school on Friday Damien went to the mall with his friends and his new girlfriend. That’s right- Babe4 has made an appearance- and he didn’t even tell me! He says she has black hair and blue eyes and she’s home schooled… is it a good thing that they’re not at school together? Well- I think it is… After fetching him from the mall- which resulted in another “all my friends…” argument because I fetched him straight after work instead of allowing him to stay all evening- we got a couple of DVD movies and take out (I had a burger, Damien had pizza) and Damien went to bed at 10pm while I stayed up till about 1am! I finally got to see “Murder By Numbers” which has been on my to-see list for quite some time.
Saturday morning was Damien’s gymnastics competition, then we had lunch at the Wimpy with my folks and da Bruvva and his little entourage (including their new puppy- a tiny little black and white thing rather ambitiously named Proximo) to try and cheer Damien up a little. Then we went home to some housework and dishes and generally cleaning up and such. We went to a friend of mine for supper and a movie on Saturday night, left there around 1am and then I got home and got involved in a book resulting in a 3am bedtime! Talk about losing track of time!?!
Sunday morning I overslept- not hearing any of my alarms while my phone was charging in the living room, so we didn’t make it to church… very naughty! We went to a nearby mall instead. I bought two skirts last week and when I got home they were too big. I wanted to exchange them but they had none smaller so I returned them for a credit on my account instead. As I was exiting the returns department my eye was caught and held by a gorgeous pair of pale (faux) suede boots and I remembered that, I have NO winter shoes! Apart from three other pairs of boots that is. So I bought myself three pairs of shoes because- you know- I just canNOT go to a mall and come home without buying anything… I also bought Damien a gorgeous book on fossils to ease my selfish conscience. Then we went to see X-Men 3. It was BRILLIANT! Truly fabulous! Apart from my popcorn box jumping right out of my hands and messing EVERYWHERE (providing the people around us with a good laugh and a story to tell at home) Damien and I both thoroughly enjoyed the movie. We’ve been waiting for it and we were SO NOT disappointed. As sequels go, I’m usually a little wary- and we would have seen it anyway- but this was truly worth the price of admission and then some. I won’t say too much so as not to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet. And of course Hugh Jackman is just SUCH a dish! Sunday night we went to sister B and co for supper- pizza- and then sister B and I spent the remainder of the evening doing our hair and nails and enjoying my foot-spa. VERY relaxing. And yet another latish night for me…

Hard Luck…

Sadly, today’s gymnastics competition could have gone better. Turns out it WASN’T Gauteng North qualifying (thank goodness), but CLUB qualifying for next weekend. And Damien JUST qualified as part of the club team for next weekend’s provincial trials.
Damien was VERY nervous- as always- and then on his first apparatus, the high-bar, which is usually one of his best events, he slipped when he jumped up and had to do it again. Failure to mount loses a full 1.5 points! Then he was completely off his stroke for the event and he was rattled- therefore rather untidy overall, resulting in a 6 on an apparatus where he usually scores a 9. His vault was not too bad, he didn’t keep his legs straight though. His floor was okay, but he’s never liked it much. On the parallel bars he did better again, its also one of his favourite apparatus’. He came fourth for the parallel bar apparatus and eighth overall. If he could just have ignored he fact that he did so badly on the highbar he wuld probably have been fine- but he gets so annoyed with himself when he messes up.
I love you baby- and I’m SO proud of you for being a good sportsman and for doing your best.
And I’m really hoping next weekend goes better, that he’ll be a little more relaxed.

So- Lets Talk About…

Really, really weird reams, shall we. This morning when I woke up I was more than a little deurmekaar (direct translation from Afrikaans: “through each other” meaning confused) and it took me a while to register what day it was and so on! The strange part of waking up was actually remembering a dream I’d had- which I seldom do.
In my dream, Damien and I were living where we are now, with Greebo and Taxi in residence, nothing strange about that- but for some reason we had to vacate the premises, and fast. And not just leave- but wipe out all trace of ourselves. The next thing I knew I was in the basement (which our block of flats doesn’t actually have) with three other people- who were my colleagues in the dream- attaching some pipes to the wall. Each pipe was about a metre long, thick enough that I couldn’t get my hand all the way around them, and painted blue, I have no idea how they stuck to the wall, but stick they did. They were incendiary devices of some sort and had to be very strategically placed- apparently in order not to damage any of the other flats in the complex- only mine. Then I was back in my flat, packing very little- Damien, the cats, their harnesses and leashes, my phone, and a few other things. Not much at all really.
Then we were in a car, like a minibus, watching the flat burn from the road as we drove past… HUGE flames! HUGE! But only from my flat- nothing else was burning.
Then we were back in the flat, and hardly anything was even scorched! Messy yes, but not burnt.
And there’d been some kind of storm or flood or something because it was all wet outside and then I was climbing out of my living room window to discuss the path of the water with a downstairs neighbour and yelling at Damien and the cats not to climb out of the same window!
So- I never remember my dreams… and when I do- this is what I get!?!? Maybe I really should stop eating cheese before bedtime…?