Mwaaahahahahaha! And I do believe this is the first time I’ve been tagged by another blogland resident… very cool. Thanx to Just Angela for playing blog-tag with me. Here’s my six things list:

1. I have reminders in my cell phone for just about everything! TV programs I don’t want to miss (yes- I watch a lot of TV), friends and family’s birthdays, anniversaries and appointments. I also have reminders for phone calls to friends and family on specific days of the week. and the reminders go off with the sound of a school bell so there’s no WAY I can not hear it!

2. I have a thing for diamonds. I think I’ve mentioned how much I love jewelry, and I never go a day without at least two rings on… but diamonds are a particular favourite of mine. I will buy my own one day- or several if I can- but to me a diamond signifies an achievement of how far I’ve come in my life and I can’t wait to get one.

3. I wish I could afford (and stand the pain) to have tattoos done from elbow to shoulder on both arms. Yes- seriously.

4. I absolutely ADORE fur and feathers. I have a fake fur throw that covers my double bed- and if I could get away with it I’d wear it everyday as part of my wardrobe. I also have five feather boas. A rich, royal purple coloured one, a white one with royal purple tipped feathers, a dark grey one, a black one, and a white genuine ostrich feather one with white feather tassels on either end (that cost me R700 four years ago). I also have a feathered handbag and a fake fur scarf. Love it love it love it… I was SO born in the wrong climate!

5. I have an incredibly sweet tooth. I can sit in front of the TV and eat a whole tin of condensed milk, or a whole box of Kellogs Frosties slash Strawberry Pops! Even a whole box of chocolate covered marshmallow Easter eggs! No problemo! And yet- I can’t eat cake the same way… or cookies.

6. I can tolerate spiders, snakes and or lizards… I even like them. Spiders in the house- I’ll pick them up and take them outside, the same with snakes or lizards. I won’t kill them. Just don’t come anywhere near me with a cockroach or a flying ant! As unreasonable as it sounds- and even though I KNOW they can’t hurt me- I can’t let them touch me!

I hereby nominate:

Super Mom

But if you can’t like to be tagged… and I know some people doesn’t smaak them… please feel free to ignore it!

Do everrryfing in da style offf luv!

8 thoughts on “AAH BIN TAGGED Y’AWLLL!

  1. what a good sport you are! And with the diamond fetish and the feather boa’s, you are just a Green Fairy away from the Moulin Rouge! My kinda gal, darlin!

  2. 🙂 Thanks for tagging me!! I feel honoured. I have however done this one before. Maybe if I think about it, I could come up with 6 other things 🙂

  3. Thanks for the tag – I am working on it as we speak, erm, so to speak…

  4. Thanks for sharing the love, dear heart. I should warn you that I’m a bit of a lost cause when it comes to tags. I start them and then get sidetracked, so I have a whole lot of unfinished ones that are covered in a layer of metaphorical dust.
    I’ll make you a deal with regard to domestic beasties, though. I will remove your roaches if you take care of my spiders.

  5. Feel honored to be tagged. Thank you. No-one has a sweeter tooth then me – I can consume such vast quantities of sugar that it scares me.

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