…By Any Other Name…

I got to thinking on Friday (scary, I know) about all the pet-names I have used for my darling Damien over the years. It started with “Strawbreez” when he was a baby (I think I mentioned this before). “Strawbreez” actually comes from a family joke that a baby is such a blessing- even their dirty nappies are like strawberries & cream. Funny enough- in our family, the word “strawbreez” has become a word synonymous with “nonsense”… especially someone speaking it. I don’t call him that anymore.
Some of the other moniker’s my poor boy has been saddled with are “Monster”, “Baba”, “Nu-Nu”, “Monkey”, “Squashy-Pip”, “Narna”, “Munchkin”, “Punkin”… even “Pawpaw”!
Now I mostly call him Sweetie (and very occasionally I’ll use “Sweetie-Peepers”) or I use his proper name. He’s obviously waaaay too old for “Baba”, but I still have “Munchkin” slipping out every now and then. And amazingly- only once did he say I mustn’t use one of them. When he was about seven years old he told me he was too big for me to call him Strawbreez anymore.
And you know something- I’m just as bad with my cats…
Do your kids have pet names, or nicknames?

4 thoughts on “…By Any Other Name…

  1. My kiddos and dogs all have knicknames.
    1-Mitch fit
    2-JJ or Pisser. Pisser cause he was always peeing when he was a baby.
    3-Anna Banna from her brothers and I call her mom’s princess(she hates it now)
    4-cold butt cause he always had a cold butt when he was a baby, or poochy cause I tell him give mama smoocheys poochey

    My dogs are Shawnna and Starr but they will answer to their knicknames too.
    Shawnna’s is oopa loopa
    Starr’s is Starrsy Warrsy.

  2. mm…I call Jason – Septimus
    Quintus – Spikkels
    Zander – Fielies LOL

    When I talk about all of them, I say the Bosotter Broers

  3. PJ, Peej, Peejer, Punkin, Babe, Littleshit, our “two-legged son” [to differentiate him from our four-legged children! 🙂 ], Puppy Dog (PJ, not the dogs!), Trouble, Giggles and GiggleMonster. He’s also been called by the dogs’ names quite a bit, when we couldn’t seem to remember who was who!! Probably a slew of others I’ve forgotten too!

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