Sooooooo… here’s JJ’s newest set of instructions. And in order for me to avoid outer space arachnid bug boulders turning my home into a crater- I won’t ask him any questions about the rules!

A cool breeze licked the back of her neck…
…giving her goose bumps on top of her goose bumps. Now she was cold and scared and her skin was getting a little crowded!
Looking down at the compound from the top of the ridge she estimated they’d managed to get about 18km away since they had left. It was not nearly far enough.
It had felt like the longest night of her life- lying listening to Flix crying, waiting for everyone in the compound to go to sleep, for the last light to be extinguished. At around midnight, all was quiet, and she slipped out of the hayloft, with a small backpack containing nothing but a loaf of bread, a jacket, some dried fruit and some meat for Flix. She had a canteen slung over her shoulder. Flix had become accustomed to her over the last few weeks and was afraid of everyone except Lena. And Lena had grown increasingly fond of Flix too. Unbeknown to anyone, she had fashioned a harness and a kind of leash for Flix and slowly gotten him accustomed to wearing it and following her instructions. With rewards and lots of attention, Flix gave her no trouble at all- but he hissed at anyone who came within 5 metres of his stall. People had gotten used to avoiding his corner of the stable. The Man all but ignored Flix now, and as long as Lena kept Flix quiet then it was like everyone in the compound forgot he was there. But she had heard The Man making plans to sell Flix and had to rush her plan a little.
She had spent days timing the changing of the few guards who patrolled the compound at night- watching more for predators than renegades. Collecting food hadn’t been a problem, she was known and liked in the kitchens, but she didn’t want to make it obvious that she was hoarding. Even though no-one in the compound had any reason to watch her particularly closely, she still jumped at every little noise in the darkness.
Now Flix was curled up cat-like on the rocks and sleeping like they were down pillows while she spent the night on tenterhooks and couldn’t sleep. He had followed her out of the compound gate and along the edge of the road and up to the ridge like a puppy. She had no idea where she was going, or even how long it would take before anyone even missed her or Flix. She just wished Flix was old enough to fly so that she could just release him rather than try and get him away. And of course if he were old enough to fly he could fly them both far away from The Man!

9 thoughts on “FFF#36

  1. cat: Aaaha! The thick plottens… Actually, Flix is a gryphon tis time- but I may well be working a dragon into the story later…
    I like that you know me that well- got a real kick outta that!
    thanx dude!

  2. I agree with the others, tell the rest of tale. This could be the beginning of a fantastic adventure.

  3. That’s good, keep us wanting for more and wondering just what kind of creature Flix is.

    I was guessing horse until he curled up on the rocks.

  4. Yes! Another installment!Keep going with this one, it’s going to be great!

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