Good Grief!

Aren’t doctors supposed to know these things? Damien is taking Concerta to treat his ADHD. It’s a stimulant. It works really well for his school work, his self esteem and our relationship. The last few days we’ve been home sick (since Tuesday). Damien was given a cough syrup and an antihistamine- to help his cough and clear his post nasal drip. And the last couple of days I was wondering if maybe his dosage needed looking into because he’s been a relative handful, even feeling sick he was fidgety. Then today when we went to see his doctor for our monthly appointment and Damien’s new script- even the doctor asked if Damien had taken his meds ‘coz he couldn’t sit still. I said yes he had- then Damien’s doctor asked if he was taking anything else and I mentioned the antihistamines and the cough syrup, both of which contain codeine and or cortisone. These act against the effects of the Concerta. The doctor who prescribed the flu meds knows he’s on Concerta- doesn’t she know what will happen if you give someone medications that act against each other- or isn’t she at least supposed to know?

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  1. terri: thanx
    ec: hectic! i now have a list of stuff damien can use, and i will make sure to check next time.

  2. One of the biggest reasons why I advocate being a full partner with all medical types! Post chemo I was supposed to take adjuvant therapy for 5 years. My doctor started me on a newer drug, not the “old stand by”. Each time I saw him, for nearly 2 years, I would complain of muscle and joint pain. Finally, on my final visit I blurted out “I’m in so much pain I can’t even do stairs any more. I think it’s been almost 2 years since I’ve taken any kind of stairs.” It was only with this that my doctor suddenly realized that the adjuvant medication he had put me on had a little-known history of about 1% of the population experiencing side effects of severe muscle and joint pain! I was obviously a member of that 1%!! He switched me to the other medication and I’ve been fine ever since!

  3. I think it’s important to always remind doctors what medication you are using. What a pity she didn’t remember though!

  4. That doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in the doctor, does it?!

    Well Happy Mother’s Day Angel!
    That’s a lovely post to your Mom.

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