The ABC Meme

I found this over at Spookie’s place, and since she didn’t tag anyone I thought I’d volunteer- it looked like a different one for a change!
Accent: South African, probably classic “Vaalie” too if I really had to listen to myself…
Bible Book that I like: Revelation
Chore I don’t care for: oh, that’s easy- ALL of them
Dog or Cat: cat of course- hopeless cat slave me…
Essential Electronics: laptop, camera & cell phone- I’m never without one of them and I usually carry all three!
Fragrance (Cologne): love Yardley Baroque, and then they stopped making it… now I use Britney’s Fantasy
Gold or Silver: silver mostly… I have my unworn rings melted down to make a new one every now and then- I have SO many rings!
Handbag I carry most often: I actually have enough bags to use a different one every day of the week and then some! It really is a different on every week…
Insomnia: never been a problem!
Job Title: apart from mom of the year… I’m a business consultant!
Kids: I have a teenager and two cats… do they count?
Living Arrangements: me & the kids in a flat on the second floor
Most Admirable Trait: I think it’s my love for and devotion to my son
Naughtiest Childhood Behavior: I can’t think of a specific one… but most of the letters from me that my mom kept started with “I’m sorry” or “I apologise”…
Overnight hospital stays: when I had Damien I was in for 6 days, and I’ve had two six day long stays with pneumonia
Phobias: small spaces
Quote: “he who angers you controls you” (dunno who said it though)
Religion: christian
Siblings: a brother- eight years younger than me, a sister- seven years younger than me and another sister- a year younger than me
Time I wake up: well, my alarm goes off at 5:35am, and then I usually get up around 6:00
Unusual Talent or Skill: I can speak backwards phonetically!
Vegetable I Refuse to Eat: brussel sprouts
Worst Habit: the internet!
X-rays: lots- every part of me- even an isotope bone scan!
Yummy Stuff I Cook: Chinese food in my wok & cookies
Zoo Animal I Like Most: I just LOVE the reptile house!

3 thoughts on “The ABC Meme

  1. aabsolootley laavlie dahlink. Vee maast virk on daat agsent a leetle beet morr doan joo tink??

  2. You will NEVER see me in a reptile house!! I was attacked by a wrinkles (sp?)snake at a farm in Piet Retief when I was a kid and since then Ican’t even look at magazines that have snakes in them.

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