OMG- how could I be such a total bitch! How could I be such a cruel mother? Good grief- my behaviour is bordering on abuse people!Why?Because Damien and I are on day four (yes- four) of his “All My Friends…” campaign, signed petition pending- memorandum handed over- buttons and flyers handed out freely. He even has an interview scheduled with Oprah AND Doctor Phil next week to lament his sad, sad fate! His cries are loud, and occasionally varied- but pretty much follow the regular lines; like “…are allowed to…” “…parents let them…” “…mother allows him to…” “…are going to…”
I am so tired of repeating myself- it’s just not funny anymore. When I fetched him from school yesterday he was again sulking about the fact that he had to sit and wait at the school for me while all the rest of his entourage went to the mall. Then this morning, he called me from the school payphone to ask if he could go to the mall after school with his friends. I said no- reminding him that we’d discussed it the night before (ad-nauseum). INSTANTLY his demeanour changes and he can barely talk to me because he suddenly has such a fat lip! Then this afternoon, I was running late fetching him- not a lot, I’d guess about 10 minutes, and I get a text message from Damien. No “hello” or even a “hi”, not a “where are you?” or “are you on the way?” No. He sent me the following message- brace yourself:
“Where the hell are you?!”
Yes- including the punctuation!
I swear that if the highway had been empty I would have done a U-turn right there and then and left him at the school for another hour. I was speechless! He apologised for the message when he got in the car- but I didn’t talk to him all the way home. I think I really have to say- thank goodness for my happy pills… a couple of months ago I would have been crying and ranting all the way home!

4 thoughts on “BAD! BAD! MOMMY!

  1. THIS is when technology sucks – he would have muttered these things and you would never have known. And he is so impulsive. If it were me he would have had that phone rammed down his throat and then some! You are a precious mommy!

  2. Let me tell you one thing… Kids aged 15 are far worse than The Terrible Twos! My daughter turned into a horror at that age, but is now (thank goodness), her sweet self.. and my son is now 15.. and ARGH!!!! My nephew has just left that age (now 16), and it was the same with him.
    All I can say: sterkte! And I know it’ll be aggravated cos of Damien’s ADD.
    and I agree with the Eternally Curious: You’re not a bad mom.. it’s just a bad age.

  3. Oh YAY!!! Another monster mommy, I thought I was the only one – I am so glad I am not alone!!!!

  4. You are not a bad Mommy! And Damien is not a bad son or a bad boy. It’s just that rough age that’s so damn tough to get thru. You know: the age that spans from Terrible Twos to Early Twenties!! O__O

    About the only solace I can offer is that you have LOTS of most excellent company: all the rest of us “Monster Mommies”!!!

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