“They should make people take a test before they…
…allow them to make The Change, how on earth could that idiot think that being claustrophobic would not be a factor in his new lifestyle!?”
Vanessa was sitting quietly at the massive French windows mentally listing all the things wrong with the system. If anyone had seen her now they would have thought she was simply daydreaming… or should that be night-dreaming… but for the frown on her exquisite face. She was almost grateful that she was currently the oldest one in the house since mind reading came with age- although the ability of others to hear her thoughts had never really put her off thinking what she wanted to anyway!
She could not believe that after all this time they still allowed people to make the change simply because they could pay for the privilege. She understood the logic. After all, growing up as the daughter of a super wealthy reality TV show producer, she herself had bought her way in. But recurring problems were giving their growing society a very bad reputation.
She couldn’t wait until she was in charge of the whole operation. Granted- it would probably be another 200 years or so before she qualified for election- but then she would be able to make major changes to the whole process. For one thing, claustrophobia would immediately rule out a candidate, regardless of how well off he or she was. A history of insanity, depression, or a criminal record of any kind would also disqualify any applicants, not to mention addiction.
There had already been several newbies “sanctioned” (as the committee liked to call it) because they’d completely lost control and started killing willy-nilly! And before any of them could be sanctioned they’d had to lock them up and research new methods for weeks because the very newbies who’d lost the plot were supposed to be immortal.
It had taken too many hundreds of years for the fledgling vampire society to prove them selves to be a useful and essential part of modern society for it all to be thrown away by a couple of claustrophobic manic depressives.

The inspiration for this little tidbit came on Saturday night while I was watching Interview With The Vampire. I am a big fan of vampire stories, and I have read all the Anne Rice stories- I own most of them in paperback too and I reread them regularly. I was a little disappointed in the movie though- the first time I saw it I had not yet read the book and I thought it was pretty cool… now I’m not so sure. There is so much in the movie that is different to the book, and things in the book that are not in the movie at all, and the book is so much scarier. It’s why I seldom watch a movie after I’ve read the book- I am usually disappointed. Not to mention those horrible wigs… hellooo? Was this Tom Cruise’s worst role ever or what? Good grief.
So, big ups to JJ, my main man and one lank hoopy frood! Feel free to visit him over at
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7 thoughts on “FFF#38

  1. A nice departure from dragons, but you know I’ll always love the dragons more than the vampires.

    Good work.

  2. you know i love a good vampire, and it’s nice to know i’m not the only one who worries about their possible manic-depressive and claustrophobic tendencies…
    walk good.

  3. I agree with Porchwise – this is Flash Fiction at it’s best. Great job, as usual.

  4. I too truly enjoyed the Anne Rice series, and I really really loved this piece.

    Well done.

    For some reason it just tickles my funny bone to think of vampires as manic-depressives and claustrophobics.

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