No More Babe4!

That’s right… she’s broken up with him already… and you did NOT hear me giggling with glee! Yet another girl has fallen victim to Damien’s good looks and his love of PS2. Anyhoo, he didn’t tell me about this either. He didn’t seem particularly phased by it at all.
We popped in at Mommy and Daddy Darling last night after work and while we were chatting, Mommy Darling asked Damien about his girlfriend/s. He said he didn’t have one. I did a bit of a double take and asked him what happened to Babe4, the one he told me about on Friday afternoon? He said she had broken up with him already! I think it’s a new record for Damien… what was it- three or four days? I think Babe1 lasted a week… Anyhoo, his granny and grandpa then started playing the fool with him and telling him it’s just as well since they had not approved her- my Daddy Darling even told Damien his girlfriends are supposed to come and ask him before they can date Damien! Mommy Darling then mentioned how Daddy Darling had played the fool with all of us over our boyfriends when we still lived at home. All our boyfriends were given nicknames, although Daddy Darling never used them in front of them. Usually it was just a subtle variation of their proper names with a twist- like Cecil becoming Cecilia (he had a pierced ear) or Anton becoming One-ton (he was, um, big). Sometimes he just made sure he never got the name right just to annoy us… like “Clinton” would become “Quinton”.
Funny enough, Damien’s father; the one boyfriend of sister B’s that she was deeply in love with (apart from her husband who came later) and sister C’s husband (now ex) never got nicknames. It suddenly struck me- when I realised this- just how well Daddy Darling knows his daughters that the guys we really loved didn’t get made fun of. My Daddy Darling is just so smart!

2 thoughts on “No More Babe4!

  1. It’s funny how fathers do that. Possibly for different reasons though.

    My wife tells me that her father constantly did that with her high school boyfriends. But,he also did the same with her friends. She says that he just wasn’t interested enough in them to get their names right. They were like wallpaper to his daughter’s life.

    It annoyed her intensely!

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