Oh Goody

Yet another phone call from the school… the head of the art department called me this morning- Damien was in her class for this term, and what it boils down to is that he has done nothing…
She said she has spoken to him, and threatened him, and he has promised her he’ll work- now she thinks that if the work is too much, he should be in a school where art is not necessarily a focus area.
I listened politely and quietly, and I then told her that she should have called me weeks ago- rather than leave it till the day he’s supposed to hand in his work. Threatening Damien with calling me or a detention or something will quite literally go in one ear and out the other, and then when he walks out the class- he’ll have forgotten whatever she told him! I also mentioned that if she had attended the meeting I called at the beginning of the year with all Damien’s teachers (when a lot of them didn’t show) she would have known that I would want her to call me immediately if he was giving her problems or he was battling. With his ADD & his treatment it is vital that I know as soon as there is a hiccup because something that would be a “small” issue with most kids is a potential disaster for Damien.
I could tell she wasn’t happy with what I said, but I am very unhappy with her only calling me now. I mean, I call the school myself at least once a week to speak to the head of the grade eight department (let’s call her Mam C) and I’m still waiting for the teachers feedback forms for Damien’s doctor (that I’m supposed to get once a month). I’m also still waiting for Mam C to let me know when we can meet- the counselor, Mam C and myself- and this meeting is supposed to take place at their convenience! I’m getting seriously desperate here… it’s nearly the end of the second term for crying out loud!!

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  1. I don’t think I should read your blog again cos I get so angry when Damien has a hard time …. and I feel so sorry for you my Precious Angel. And then my fix-it-for-all habit kicks in to drive me NUTS. Gotta learn to let it be and let God ……

  2. Good for you. You know I get so upset with teachers. You are doing all you can and they just won’t give their co-operation. However if something goes wrong they blame you

  3. nomad: as soon as i can get a meeting she’ll get a talking to! the teachers who didn’t attend the meeting i called at the beginning of the year are the ones who’ve been phoning me!
    tammy: you have my prayers doll
    dawn: i fully concur
    ec: unfortunately for us, it’s either public school or private, damien battled his backside off in public school so he spent grade 6 & 7 in a private school. it did the world of good, but for high school, private schools are very much academically focused and i’m afraid damien wouldn’t even pass the entrance exams! which is why we chose an art school… i would give a kidney to be able to home school him (its becoming more and more popular here in sa), but with only my income staying home isn’t an option!
    spookie: thanx for the vote of confidence!

  4. I am just so glad you actually said something to her to put her in her place.
    You just keep doing what you’ve been doing with Damien, I only hope you will start to get the assistance from the teachers that you need. Good luck and Well Done!!

  5. This sounds intolerable! What recours(es) are available to you? And by that I mean, is this the only possible school for Damien? On this side of the pond, we have something called state-sponsored charter schools. The foundation for these schools is that the teachers and the parents must work together in reaching the kids, educating them, socializing them, etc. Of course, some manage this better than others – but I’m personally in favor of any system that insists on splitting with the parents the “power base” too many teachers all too often imagine they have. Is any such thing available in your area? Forgive my ignorance, I’m truly interested and want to learn – as well as help if possible. Another thing we have over here is home schooling. Is that done in your area? It’d be awfully tough though, with you being a single mom… Gosh I wish I had an intelligent answer for you! Hang in there Angel. At least you didn’t throttle the teacher. I don’t think I would have been able to restrain myself!

  6. I hope you resolve this situation -it sounds most challenging. While I am not faced with a similar problem, I find with teachers (who believe they wield too much power most of the time) face-to-face contact gets them to take you more seriously. I think parents who are really involved in their kids’ lives are in smaller numbers than those who aren’t, and because of that, teachers get slack – like this one, and leave things to the last minute. Hope it all works out well.

  7. My daughter has ADD too – it has been such a struggle for her and I have to say, thankfully this past school year has been a good one – I think you have a good handle on Damien and seem to reallyget him. All he needs is your love and support, the belief thathe can conquer the world and then he will!!!

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