Damien Is Asking More And More

About his father and his father’s family. And honestly- I’m having a hard time remembering things. The other day he said to me “I didn’t know my father had a sister…” I was a bit taken aback and asked where he’d heard that, and he told me his gymnastics coach had told him about her- her name, that they’d gone to school together, that they did gymnastics together and were good friends for many years. I was surprised because I also went to school with Damien’s coach and he knows a little about what happened back then. I didn’t think he’d volunteer information like that without checking with me first.
Then I realised why Damien had sounded so cautious when he said it- I have never mentioned her. I dunno why, I just never said anything about his father’s sister or his father’s parents. I’ve told him lots about his father, what I remember, but I have always been afraid of giving Damien too much information before he’s old enough to handle it. Now it seems I’ve given him too little. And there’s so much that I haven’t thought about for nearly sixteen years that I really don’t remember much… and I don’t want to tell him “bad” stuff. I then asked Damien if he would like more details and information on his paternal family and he very eagerly said yes… a wee tinge of disappointment there… but now I’m trying to remember stuff, and he’s very interested when I tell him something new.
Mom, sister B, sister C, da Bruvva (maybe you were too young)… can any of you remember anything that I can tell Damien… will you mail it me please?

5 thoughts on “Damien Is Asking More And More

  1. b: thank you!
    dawn: thanx {hugs}
    angela: best of luck to ya doll, maybe i’ll still be around in 15 odd years to give you back some advice! {hugs} to you too.
    terri: thanx for the insight doll, its very much appreciated. i read your comment to damien- i think he likes knowing he’s not alone in his “wants” slash “situation”
    nomad: thanx dude.

  2. Just remember that him wanting to know more about his paternal family has nothing to do with you as a mother. It is perfectly natural.
    I lost my father at an early age so from the ‘child’s’ perspective I can tell you that it is a natural need to know everything you can about where you come from. I was always too afraid to ask, because I didn’t want to cause upset, and it’s only now that I’ve realised there are things I need to know. My mom told me the other day that my handwriting is similar to what my father’s was, and you won’t believe how ridiculously pleased I was to have just a little more information about him.
    Good luck remembering. Damien will appreciate what you can tell him, and feeling comfortable being able to ask you stuff will only bring you two closer.

  3. Oh dear, this is my future isn’t it? I actually already have begun the info-probe on my boyfriend, who is most secretive anyway. I did happen to mention to him just yesterday that I want a picture of him before I move away and he got a little weirded out. Sigh. I hope when the time comes I can handle myself with the same dignity that you show with Damien. Your honesty and integrity are the greatest signs of personal character that you can instill in him. Sending you ether hugs sweetie!

  4. I have never been in this situation so can only imagine that it could be a tricky one. You seem like such a devoted and dedicated Mom though, that I am sure you will do the right thing by Damien. Asking him if he wanted to know more was generous and brave of you. Good luck with it! Have a nice weekend.

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