Here’s JJ’s Flash Fiction Friday post for last week. I must really buff up on my movie watching in order to puzzle out his weekly guessing game… I clearly don’t pay enough attention when I watch a movie, he’s had quotes from movies I’ve seen more than once but I didn’t recognise them.
If you want to, you can find Flix (Part One) here and Flix (Part Two) here, they were also Flash Fiction Friday posts that I had a lot of fun with.

Arm aching…
…Lena clung to her precarious perch, cradling her precious (and half empty) canteen with her other hand as she concentrated on drinking water and not falling off the narrow ledge.
They’d been walking south, away from the compound, for about a week when Lena had spotted another mountain range in the distance. Flix was still trailing along behind her like she had trained him to do. She didn’t even need to use the leash or coax him along at all anymore. He still wore the harness as Lena thought it might come in handy in an emergency. He was still a baby after all, and thought everything was a game. He’d take off after rabbits in the blink of an eye- and Lena was half glad because she thought if he could hunt he would be able to fend for himself should she be caught. She had long ago finished her meager rations- but there were lots of little streams for her to fill her canteen- and Flix didn’t mind sharing what he caught, although it was a battle getting anything away from him in one piece! And she had worried about water once she was on the mountain; her one canteen wouldn’t go very far… the cold hadn’t even occurred to her until they were almost halfway up!
When they came to the mountains, Lena decided to keep going, to continue moving away from the compound and The Man. Flix had shot up the steeper rocks like he had lived there all his life- skipping from ledge to ledge, not quite flying but using his wings to maneuver. Lena had to climb, and it was getting steeper all the time. She was beginning to wonder if she’d made a bad decision in going over the mountain range. She was sure they were at least 150km away from the compound but she was on foot, and if The Man started looking for them, he’d be moving a lot faster on horseback.
“Onward & upward…” she thought to herself, looking up at Flix as he gazed quizzically at her from three ledges above her head…

8 thoughts on “FFF#40

  1. i agree with the procrastinator- i hate when stories leave out the facts of life. nice work, and thanks for continuing this one…
    walk good.

  2. See, I love that you addressed the food issue which is otherwise ignored in fantasy fiction. You have wonder just how do you feed a creature of that size.

    I wish Flix were real, I’d like to bring him to work and he could get fed at the same time…kidding, I think.

    I look forward to next week’s installment ; )

  3. It’s like old timey radio, you know? Tuning in every week to hear the latest installment. Makes me want to pop some corn and lay on the floor, just listening. Ahhh…
    Hey, that would be a fun way to feature your FFF now wouldn’t it? Hmmm.

  4. I can’t tell you how very glad I am that you are continuing on with this story – I await the next part each week with anticipation.

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