Here’s A Question For My Male Readers

And I know there are just HUNDREDS of you out there! Mwaaaaahahahahaha!
Anyhoo, my darling boy has started showing the most gorgeous little bit of fuzz on his top lip.
Call me crazy- but I think I may be as proud of that baby moustache as Damien is! Poor kid- I’m having a hard time not ragging him about it- I have managed to restrain myself apart from a couple of small outbursts!
Have no fear- I have no intention of attempting to teach my darling boy how to shave, I’ll be leaving that to my dad and or my brother.
As I’m sure any of my even slightly regular readers may have guessed- I want only the best for my baby, so my question, gentlemen, is this- what’s the best method?
One, two, three or four blades (I believe they’re all available now)?
Electric razor or no?
Cream or gel?
How about aftershave lotion?
Any favourite brand names out there?
I’m all ears… erm… all comments… ag man, you know what I mean!

9 thoughts on “Here’s A Question For My Male Readers

  1. teehee… i just love all the “men” who have commented here (besides cat & nomad of course)!
    thanx all… when he does start i’ll no doubt be posting how it goes!

  2. I would definitely recommend a proper razor as opposed to an electric one. It’s been many years since I tried an electric one and they may have improved but they used to give me a skin rash. Also, I think it’s just nicer shaving with water and gel to the dry shaving you do with an electric one.

    As for the number of blades, 3 are perfectly fine and I assume that 4 blades may be more expensive? As it is, the 3 bladers are expensive enough.

    I favour gel because it lathers up nicely without puffing up like a bubble bath. I think they’re also better for sensitive skin. Irrelevant, of course, if his skin isn’t sensitive.

    But, learning to shave is a learning experience. If what you start with doesn’t suit you, try something else until you like it. Well, you never really like it once it becomes a daily chore, but best make it bearable.

  3. Needless to say, not a male but… my other half’s experience is getting good hot running water going to keep the blade rinsed well. Use a gel foam (Gillette maybe). But most important of all, use a shaving soother afterwards to prevent shaving rash (hubby has sensitive skin). He uses one by Clinique which is called Post shave healer.
    My step son will shortly be taking the route of shaving so let me know how it goes!!!

  4. My hubby uses gel and I don’t think it matters how many blades are used it is all about caring for your skin before and after shaving. I would not recommend “aftersahve” but a moisturiser instead. Specially in the winter. My hubby uses my moisturiser but Nivea has one for men too if Damien would prefer that. And never never shave up! Always in a downward motion. I know this cause I have shaved my hubby’s face for him on a few occasions.
    Hope that helps! Other than that it is practice, practice, practice.

  5. Ello angel, zis is verah verah tricky vehn ze boy becomez ze man – vot ze hell do ve vomen know from zis … ok lose the accent, it isn’t working. I will be glad to ask my hubby for some advice here. I can tell you this from observing my step son’s experience – he is now 17 and has lived with us since he was 9. It becomes increasingly hard not to really laugh when they walk into the room pretending there has been no mishap in the bathroom AT ALL. You on the other hand are stifling the urge to scream, “someone call an ambulance!!” It is a sure give away that he has resorted to a ladies disposable when last night he went to bed with a relatively clear complexion and this afternoon his chin area is COVERED in those little chorbs – don’t pretend you don’t know – those nasty little buggers that line the path to your bikini line – horrible and painful little —-ers. I doubt if this has been helpful in any way but it’s just one mom of a boy to another’s banter. Thanks for visiting!

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