Woohoo! Yet another installment of Flash Fiction Friday, with rules as dictated by JJ over at Purgatorian. You gotta love it! HEY-did you hear me- I said you GOTTA! OK!
Right, now that’s settled… this is a follow on from last week, but just in case you’re new here, you can find Flix Part One here and Flix Part Two here. I am really enjoying this!

A cry went up…
… from somewhere ahead of Lena, and Flix suddenly appeared out of the brush a little way ahead, ears flattened and feathers ruffled! He was clearly scared- and she suddenly realised how much he’d grown in the month they’d been gone from the compound. Had she not known him like she did she would probably have been terrified. Her split-second realisation and the scream she’d heard clicked together in her mind, and the hair stood up on her neck and arms.
They’d been trekking continually south and they’d left the mountains behind a week ago. Had it not been for Flix, she would have frozen and starved to death in the peaks they’d come through. Whatever he had been able to catch, he had happily shared with her. She had mostly eaten his catches raw- and she’d gagged on it too- but there had been nothing to make fire with in the snow. She had desperately wished she’d taken a thicker coat and maybe extra socks! The little they had slept, Flix had allowed her to curl up under one of his wings. He wasn’t fazed by the cold at all, and Lena was very grateful that he stayed with her like he did. She had stuffed her canteen with snow, and keeping it against her had melted it into the water she needed. Flix just ate the snow!
They were now in a sparsely forested and scrubby area, with lots of wildlife for Flix to play with and wood for fire & shelter. And as time wore on, Flix’s playful and surprisingly gentle nature made Lena more and more curious about where he actually came from. She didn’t even know if they were heading in the right direction for Flix to get “home” because she had no idea where “home” was for him.
As they continued walking the ruckus in the distance got louder. Flix was half trying to hide behind Lena in his nervousness, and as eager as Lena was for some human conversation, she was deathly afraid of how they would react to Flix if they were already screaming… she decided to try and convince Flix to stay hidden while she went on ahead. Maybe she could calm the people down before Flix showed up.

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  1. Just saying “Hi” from Australia, this morning. Spookie sent me all the instructions re the brain test but i think that she needs to come here in person to do all the computer stuff for me. My son is on uni winter hols. so when he eventually surfaces I’ll get him to help out re posting it. I am so computer illiterate. Ttyl.Blue

  2. ta such a much all you all!
    i sincerely hope next weeks sentence allows me to carry on… sometimes another story builds itself in my head when i see jj’s starter!

  3. It’s 1.30 in the morning here in NJ so I am going to have to come back later to read this instalment. I did however finally get a chance to read through your other two blogs … Robbie Williams and Martha Stewart … OMG – we have now officially taken our friendship to another level. xoxo

  4. Great, make me wait another six days to find out what the screaming was!

    What I love is how you bring realism to your fantasy fiction, that cheeses me off when characters just build a fire in the snow and mountains like it’s nothing.

  5. oh this is cool. I love how you are creating the story from week to week. I’ll tune in for next Flix and Lena installment.

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