Poor Thing!

Once again I am being the mommy from hell! My poor Damien is being tortured and abused and held against his will… by his very own mommy dearest… and at his own school no less!! The constant grumbling and stomping and muttering and sulking is steadily driving me to drink… and because there isn’t any in the house I eat instead! Everything I can get my hands on! Pathetic innit?!?!
So what’s my boy’s problem? After all, it’s not holidays yet… well; he finished this term’s exams on Tuesday, so now he’s about the only grade eight still attending school everyday. Why is he still attending school? Because I can’t leave him home alone all day. Why can’t I leave him home alone? I think his track record speaks for itself, he thinks otherwise! And this is a daily argument! He insists he’s able to stay home alone and look after himself, and then he proves (to me that is- not to himself) just how mature he is by having a tantrum when I say he can’t stay home alone! Talk about a catch 22!
I just have to keep reminding myself that ALL my textbooks (and I have several) have told me somewhere along the line that he will eventually… one day… tell me he’s grateful.

One thought on “Poor Thing!

  1. Aren’t we all waiting for that day….?

    BTW, how can you have TWO eggs that will hatch on a friggin Sat, when I will not be able to see them…

    Love you

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