Tomorrow Is The Last Day Of School

But only the last day of the second term! He’ll start again in three weeks time.
School's Out
Damien is going
here for two weeks this school holiday… it’s costing me a wee little fortune- but I SO think it’s worth the money. I’m excited… he’s excited… he catches a specially chartered bus there and back again and he will be kept busy from when he wakes up around 7ish till they go to bed around 8ish.
No School
There’ll be no phone, no PS2, no computer, proper supervision, activities up the wazoo and the perfect opportunity to make some new (even if they’re temporary “at camp”) friends. I’ve been dying to send Damien there for years, but I never had the money. Now he’s going at last and we’re both looking forward to our holiday- his there, and mine (alone) here.
Years ago, Damien’s psychiatrist recommended Damien and I spend at least three weekends a year apart- minimum.
And we haven’t had a weekend apart in quite some time.

So. Am I a complete mommy-bitch for looking forward to this…?

One thought on “Tomorrow Is The Last Day Of School

  1. Hey, my kids are going away for 2 weeks to and I am so looking forward to that too!! I think it’s pretty normal to want a break. Dr Dobson says it’s a good thing and I have learned to enjoy the breaks too. Relax, enjoy it – before ya know it it’s over anyway. So make the most of it dammit.

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