Damien Left This Morning

We overslept! Horribly!
Mommy & Daddy Darling were driving us to meet the bus and they were picking us up at 6am. At 5:30am Mommy Darling sent me a text message to ask if I was up. I wasn’t… I had slept right through the alarm I had set for myself.
As I was determined not to embarrass him too much at the bus in front of the other kids, I kissed and hugged him furiously at home. Then when I asked him to put my newly charged batteries in my camera, he said “Are you going to take pictures?” “Naturally!” I replied. He replied “I’m coming back you know…” I had to giggle, he knows how I am over pictures!
After he left, Mommy & Daddy Darling and myself spent pretty much the rest of the day strolling around shopping malls and flea markets near where we dropped Damien off.
Honestly… I don’t miss him yet! I’ll let you know when that sets in…

5 thoughts on “Damien Left This Morning

  1. I have to confess that I am dreading the day my son asks to go to sleep-away camp. Tracking device in the back pack will be the first thing on my shopping list. Do enjoy the time to yourself though – I would expect you don’t get much of it. xoxo

  2. Hi Angel, how did you get through the first day? Don’t fall into the trap that I did when my now at uni son started school. I was so empty and coudn’t go home to an empty house that I spent the days shopping at the mall. Although the wardrobe looked great it was not a good idea financially!!!!

  3. I’m sure he is going to have a lovely time. Enjoy the time that you will have for yourself. He is going to be just fine 🙂

  4. Damian looks very excited! When you wipe the S#@t out of your eyes the two weeks will be up – enjoy yourself and try not worry too much……I know easier said than done! lol

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