I Just Couldn’t Think Of Any Kind Of Title…

Feel free to suggest one once you’ve finished reading though!
So Blogland, my darling boy has again succeeded in leaving his individual impression indelibly imprinted in the minds of the staff at his “summer camp” on the coast (how’s that for alliteration!). And I think it’s a new record for Damien too. He hasn’t even been at Sugar Bay for 24 hours, and already I’ve had a phone call- one of the camp counselors caught him smoking today. After he swore to me he wouldn’t do it again!
They’ve let him off with a warning- for now- but if he does it again he’ll have to come home. That’ll be effectively R6500 down the drain (financially), and the cost of me fetching him will then also be added to that! The “cost” of my once again being “embarrassed” (for lack of a better word) by Damien is astronomical in terms of my delicate ego don’t you know!
‘Scuse me for a while so I can scream into my fur coat!

4 thoughts on “I Just Couldn’t Think Of Any Kind Of Title…

  1. They send kids home for that now? What a difference twenty-eight years make.

    I feel for you but in the meantime, send a nicotine gum care package to him.

  2. This is nog a tough call for you – SORRY! The “love him more” vs “tough love” dilemma is a hard one. At least he is not denying it – taking responsibility is the first step toward solution. We have faced many similar scenarios and it starts becoming frustrating when you hear things like, “it’s the age.” Jah, and what about my six grand?? would be my unsympathetic response. Good luck, hope this works out well.

  3. I am really sorry to hear that, lets just hope he doesn’t do it again, I would hate to see you throw so much money down the drain! Kids!!!!!!

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