A Cat Coat…

I bought myself a short, faux-fur coat. It’s black… although in the sunlight it’s a VERY dark brown, like VERY rich chocolate. When I brought it home, Greebo immediately made himself at home on it- and Taxi sniffed it disdainfully as if to ask why I’d brought yet MORE fake fur into his house. With Greebo on it and Taxi sitting next to it giving Greebo dirty looks- I suddenly realised how much like my cat’s coats the fake fur actually looked!
You know how a train of thought works… and I got to thinking about people who have their pets stuffed and mounted when they die, in order to keep them around forever.
Just to make sure you understand- I LOVE fur! LOVE IT! But I do NOT condone the whole fur-trade debacle and I would NOT buy real fur, NEVER EVER people.
However… thinking about having pets stuffed got me to thinking about using Greebo and Taxi’s fur for maybe a hat and some gloves one day when they’re gone… THEN I’d have them with me forever…
Well wouldn’t I?!
So can you tell Damien isn’t around for me to talk-fight-argue-debate-laugh with! My brain is all over the place people!

2 thoughts on “A Cat Coat…

  1. Sheesh – if those kitties knew what was going through you mind – they would be outa there so fast!!!

  2. Not that it’s my place to judge, but I’m looking forward to D’s return … fast … cat hat – hmmm – not so sure about that one, skattie! :o)

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